“Live 5pb.2012” on November 24th (Sat) 2012. Yes!! Live will be held at this year too!!


LIVE 5pb.2012 Their event became symbol of autumn!! The special live event “5th Live 5bp.2012” by 5bp relating […]

“Bokuha Tomodachiga Sukunai” the second season is now in production!! We had report stage of “Bokuha Tomodachiga Sukunai”.at MF Bunko J`s 10th anniversary.


  “Bokuha Tomodachiga Sukunai” was on aired from October 2011 till December 2011 and this story comes fro […]

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is coming to screen on 2013 summer!!


    On 2011 April, Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day known as “Anohana” was broad casted by Fuji T […]

Kajiura Yuki/FictionJunction was invited to huge animation event “Anime Expo 2012 in L.A”.


Yuki Kajiura`s solo project “Kajiura Yuki/FictionJunction” was invited to “Anime Expo 2012 “as an official gue […]

[Has chance to get Gift] Kalafina LIVE 2012 “to the beginning” memorial [Kalafina BOX] on sale!!!


  On July 16th, Kalafina had Live at NHK hall. [Kalafina Box] is memorial special live item and selling a […]

TV animation “Kononakani Hitori, Imoutoga Iru!” the character songs will appear soon!!


Currently, the TV animation “Kononakani Hitori, Imoutoga Iru” is on aired by TBS, MBS, CBC, BS-TBS and charact […]

Coming Up on August 15th (Wed)!! Yukari Tamura`s 21th single “Hohoemi no Plumage” which is ending song of movie “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A`s” is going to release.


Yukari Tamura`s new single CD contains total 4 songs which include the “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie […]

The movie Keion`s character luggage show up! Taking reservation at TBSishop and only selling at online.


  Gorgeous luggage came from the movei “Keion!”. Definitely, everyone pays attention to your carry case. […]

Coming Soon!! Yumi Hara`s first single CD “HANABI”. Her music video was published and also having a twitter campaign now.


    The new single CD “HANABI” song by Yumi Hara feat Asami Imai is going to release at August 22nd […]

On August 8th, Nagareda Project`s New album “NagaredaPPP” is coming up!!


On 8/8/2012, Nagareda project release their 3rd album “Nagareda PPP”. Also, they posted the album cover and sh […]

Sword Art Online ep2 screen shots arrive!!


Sword Art Online is ongoing! Don`t Miss! Take a look! These are some shots of “Sword Art Online ep2”.   A […]

Anime Expo L.A


Japanese diva appeared on L.A!! Minami Kuribayashi who is singer at Japan had live at L.A and she was very wel […]

New line up of Queens Gate


New line up of Queens Gate figure!! Next character is Pyrrha from Soul Calibur!! August 10th 2012(Fri), will s […]

Magi`s key visual


New animation “Magi” which is scheduled on October 2012, shows first key visual “Aladdin”!!   First key v […]

After Seiyu Grandprix V


“Who taught the Sapporo Ramen?” we interviewed to Sumire Uesaka after 4th “dubbing artist co […]