Seeing Sumika’s serious demeanor, Kanoko makes her decision… TV Anime Yuri is My Job! episode 11 synopsis, scene previews and video preview released!

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Serialized via Ichijinsha’s Comic Yuri Hime, sales of comic volumes 1 to 12 of Yuri is My Job! by Miman have exceeded 1 million copies (including digital sales), and the TV anime is airing as of April 6th, Thursday!

This time, the synopsis, scene previews and video preview for episode 11 have been released.


Shift.11 “Blume der Liebe”
The voting period for the Blume election ends, and Mai and the others tally all the votes. Mai also reveals the staff votes, and Sumika is shocked when she reads the name written on the final ballot. Struggling to hide her discomfort, Sumika gives the final to Hime and Kanoko. Sumika tells the still-guarded Kanoko that she really wants to talk with her alone, in order to understand Kanoko’s true motives. Hime is initially protective of Kanoko, but after seeing Sumika’s serious demeanor, she leaves the decision up to Kanoko.


[Episode 11 Staff]
Scenario: Naoki Hayashi
Storyboard: Naruse Takahashi
Unit Director: Akira Toba
Chief Key Animation Supervisors: Taisuke Iwasaki, Rondo Mizukami, Haruka Hinata, Kōji Watanabe, Hiroshi Tomioka
Key Animation Supervisors: Momoka Izumi, Takuya Nishimichi, Maki Fukui, Mai Watanabe



[Anime Overview]
TV anime Yuri is My Job!

“Welcome to Liebe Girls Academy!”
This fictitious all-girls school is actually a salon staffed by waitresses that act as sisters (schwestern) and do their job with great care.
Enter Hime: a girl who is always careful to act in such a way that everyone will love her, and eventually she ends up becoming a “student” herself at Liebe Girls Academy. One day, she casually refers to Mitsuki Ayanokōji—one of the other students—as her “onee-sama” (older sister), and then…?

Both the outward appearances and true intentions of the girls will come to bloom as their life together as waitresses begins!

[Broadcast and Streaming Info]
<Broadcast Info>
AT-X from April 6, airing every Thursday from 22:30
*Reruns every Monday from 10:30 / every Wednesday from 16:30
TOKYO MX from April 6, airing every Thursday from 23:30
BS Fuji from April 7, airing every Friday from 24:30
BS NTV from April 8, airing every Saturday from 23:00

<Streaming Info>
Streaming first via DMM TV starting April 6 (Thurs) at 24:00!

As of April 13 (Thurs) at noon, episodes are being streamed sequentially from the following streaming services:

d Anime Store
Amazon Prime Video
Anime Houdai
J:COM On Demand
au Smart Pass Premium
Bandai Channel
Nico Nico Channel
Google Play/YouTube
HAPPY! Douga
iTSCOM On Demand
OnGen Movie
Movie Full Plus
Crank-In! Video

Director: Hijiri Sanpei
Sub Director: Takashi Ikehata
Series Composition: Naoki Hayashi
Character Designer: Taisuke Iwasaki
Art Director: Yukako Ogawa(KLAS), Yuri Takagi(KLAS)
Color design: Arisa Komatsu
Camera Director: Toru Shiga (Studio Twinkle)
CG Director: Yoshikazu Suzuki
Sound Director: Ryosuke Naya
Sound Effects: Katsuhiro Nakajima(Swara-Pro)
Music: Megumi Ohhashi
Opening Theme: “Himitsu♡Melody” Yui Ogura
Ending Theme: “Yume ga Sametemo” Hime Shirasagi (CV.Yui Ogura) & Mitsuki Ayanokoji (CV.Sumire Uesaka)
Produce: infinite
Animation Production: Passione×Studio Lings
Production: Yuri Is My Production Committee!

Hime Shirasagi: Yui Ogura
Mitsuki Ayanokōji: Sumire Uesaka
Kanoko Amamiya: Minami Tanaka
Sumika Tachibana: Makoto Koichi
Mai Mikoshiba:Yukari Tamura
Nene Saionji: Asami Seto
Yōko Goeidō: Shizuka Itō


[Original Work Info]

Original Work: Yuri is My Job!
Author: Miman
Currently being serialized via Comic Yuri Hime!
Volumes 1-12 and the Official Comic Anthology now available!

・Original Work Comics Official Site
・Original Work Official Instagram

High school student Hime Shiraki has a dream: to marry into extreme wealth and high social status. It is for this reason that Hime is very careful to maintain her image as a girl who would be loved by all. However, one day she accidentally injures Mai, the manager of a cafe. Hime decides to work there for a while and cover some shifts, and her new workplace is a concept cafe named Liebe Girls Academy. Here, the staff are dressed like students from a girls’ school and act like sisters, taking care of clientele in a salon environment. Hime ends up calling another student named Mitsuki her “onee-sama” (older sister), and then…


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(c)Miman・Ichijinsha/Yuri is my Production Committee!