In order to guide his students, Klaus makes a certain decision… TV anime Spy Classroom, 2nd season final episode (#24) “File: Flower Garden Lily” synopsis & scene previews released

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The 2nd season of the TV anime Spy Classroom is airing as of July 13 (Thurs).
This time, the synopsis and scene previews for season 2’s final episode (ep. 12 of season, ep. 24 of series) have been released.


Final Episode (#24): “File: Flower Garden Lily”
The members of Lamplight return to Heat Haze Palace from the metropolis of Mitario. Though this should have presented everyone with a chance to return to a normal, everyday life… nobody is yet able to put recent events behind them.
In order to guide his students, Klaus makes a certain decision…


[Anime Overview]
TV anime Spy Classroom, 2nd Season

Klaus returns to Kagerou Palace after successfully apprehending individuals who were collaborating with the assassin Corpse. However, upon his return, he finds that the team composed of Thea, Monika, Annette, and Erna has gone missing. The girls from this handpicked team are off on vacation when they meet a certain woman—the mother of the amnesiac Annette. Everyone rejoices at the happy reunion, but this event marks the beginning of a cruel, team-splitting twist of fate.
The missing girls undertake a secret mission of their own…

World-class deception between the world’s greatest spies!

<On Air>
<Broadcast Info>
Broadcasting began on TOKYO MX, BS NTV, AT-X, etc. from July 13 (Thursday).
*Episode 24
AT-X on September 28, Thursday from 22:30
*Reruns on Monday from 10:30 / Wednesday from 16:30
TOKYO MX on September 28, Thursday from 24:30
BS NTV on September 28, Thursday from 24:30
KBS Kyoto on September 28, Thursday from 25:00
Sun TV on September 28, Thursday from 25:00
TV Aichi on September 30, Saturday from 25:55

<Streaming Info>
Distributed first via terrestrial broadcast on d Anime Store and ABEMA!
*Episode 24
Distributed from ABEMA and d Anime Store from September 28 (Thurs) at 23:30.
Episodes are also being distributed in order via other streaming services.

Original Creator: Takemachi (KADOKAWA Corporation Fantasia-Bunko)
Original Illustration Creator: Tomari
Director: Keiichirō Kawaguchi
Assistant Director: Takashi Ikehata
Series Composition: Shinichi Inotsume
Character Designer: Sumie Kinoshita
Sub Designers: Kuniaki Masuda, Ichimatsumoyō
Prop Designers: Gōichi Iwahata, Noritaka Suzuki
Firearms Designer: Shinobu Tsuneki
Costume Designer: Riri Honma
Main Animators: Kuniaki Masuda, Motoaki Satō, Keita Shimizu, Ayaka Hozumi
3D Director: Kōhei Ogawa
3DLO/3DCG: Marco, Digital Motion
Art Background: Production Ai
Art Designer: Yoshimi Umino
Art Board: Ikuko Tsukidate
Art Setting: Junko Nagasawa
Color Designer: Yō Iwaida
Camera Director: Fumi Nanba
Editor: Rumi Maruyama
Sound Director: Ryōsuke Naya
Sound Production: Studio Mausu
Music: Yoshiaki Fujisawa
Music Production: KADOKAWA
Opening Theme “Rakuen”
Singer: nonoc
Ending Theme “nuisance”
Singer: saijou no hana
Animation Production: feel.
Production: Spy Classroom Production Committee

Lily: Sora Amamiya
Grete: Miku Itō
Sibylla: Nao Tōyama
Monika: Aoi Yūki
Thea: Sumire Uesaka
Sara: Ayane Sakura
Annette: Tomori Kusunoki
Erna: Inori Minase
Klaus: Yūichirō Umehara


【Book Info】
▼Original Novel
Spy Classroom Volumes 1~10 now available!

Short Story Collection Volumes 1~4 now available!

Volumes 1~3 of the manga adaptation now available!

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(c)Takemachi・Tomari / Kadokawa / Spy Classroom Production Committee