“Puchi Masu!” which is spin-off story of {The Idol Master} is accepted to become anime!!


Theme song and cast are announced!!   Story Information Original: Bandai Namco Games [The Idol Master] sp […]

What`s the date today♪!! The day of November (Uhh!!) 28 (Nyaa!!) !! Announcement! Main cast announced that “Haiyore Nyaruko-san” second season is during production now!!


“Haiyore Nyaruko-san” appears on TV again!! This program was broadcasted 2012 april through June and accepted […]

The movie “Macross FB7 Ginga-ryu Damashi Orenoutawo Kike” `s theme song “Nyan Nyan Fire, Totsugeki Planet Explosion/ virgin story” start selling from October 24th (Wed)!!


Macross FB7 Ginga-ryu Damashi Orenoutawo Kike is animation movie which start screening at October 20th. The CD […]

May`n released her single CD for 2 consecutive months!!


CD Information Title: Aozora Date: 2012 October 11 (Thu)   This is ending theme song of new animation “BT […]

The new anime “Love Live” which start from next year becomes “Bushimo” `s application (game for smart phone) !!


© project Love Live!!   What is [Love Live! School idol project] This is media mix project game that you […]

On October 27th, full episodes (12 episodes) of “Jinrui ha Suitaishimashita” is coming to screen!!


Special movie event which screens total 12 episode of “Jinruiha Suitaishimashita” is now on project!!  This ev […]

Asami Imai is going to release her 3rd album called “Precious Sounds” on November 28 (Wed)!! Currently taking pre reservation! Also she`s having live at Okinawa too!!


Champagne Info Pre reservation champagne: If you pre reserved the CD, you will get chance to win iphone cover […]

“Call of Duty Black Ops2”דJormungand” Special collaboration project “JOINT OPERATION” starts!!


In this fall, Most popular FPS (first person shooting) game “Call of Duty” `s new series ““Call of Duty Black […]

Now taking reservation of author Aiko Nobara`s BLCD “Akiyama-kun”!! Castings are Junji Majima, Daisuke Kishio, and Hiroyuki Yoshino.


Popular BL comic “Akiyama-kun (fusion product published)” which was wrote by Aiko Nobara become drama CD!! Off […]

Fujimi Shobou`s 40 years anniversary anime “ Date Alive” now start informing!! It aired on 2013!


The only way to stop girl who has power to destroy the world is ・・・ Take her out and make her lovey-dovey!? &n […]

Animation radio “Sakurasou no Pet Na Radio” (Originally known as “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo”) is going to start at September 29th (Sat) by Chou! A&G.


Radio hosts are Ai Kayano (CV Mashiro Shiina) and Natsumi Takamori (CV Misaki Kamiigusa).  Both are voice actr […]

Yui Horie`s first best album “BEST ALBUM”`s information is going to announce by “Nico Nico Live Video Zero”.


  Japanese biggest video site “niconico” is operated by both Dwango Inc and Niwango Inc (http://www.nicov […]

Web radio “Seito-Kai no Ichizon” start distributing from October 12th at every Friday!! Title is “Hekiyo Gakuen ☆Kounai Housou R-Returns-(Kari)”


  U can`t talk about “Seitokai no Ichizon” without listening this radio!? Please check both TV and radio. […]

Sweet book (include silicon mold ) of Hetaria Axis Powers!! Start selling from December 22nd (Sat)!!


Memorial of fifth season! Let`s make snack with Hetaria charachers! Wait for Axis and Union`s original silicon […]

Announcement of 2012 October`s new animation called “PSYCO-PASS”!! Additional information of cast is here!!


  New animation “PSYCO-PASS” is schedule to start from October by Fuji TV`s Noitamina” and etc. Key visua […]

Nura:Rise of the Yokai Clan`s radio drama CD is now in under production! Episode of Nura Rihan and Kurotabo.


The radio drama CD has two versions that regular ver and Animate limit ver. Both versions will start selling f […]

New figure, battle suit version of Ousawa Miu from Japanese anime “Hagure Yuusha no Estetica”!! Order is closing at October 10th (Wed)!!


Hagure Yuusha no Estetica`s main heroin “Ousawa Miu” `s figure is added to Hobby Japan`s product line. They ar […]

Space Craft which Kalafina and Yuhka Nanri are belongs hosted special live event called “MUSIC ENERGY 2012”!! Total 8pairs 10 artists collaborated at live.


Anime songs lovers got excited by high quality performance and music!!  Space Craft Group which holds many ani […]

The Saiyuki RELOAD-burial-`s special DVD box`s illustration shows up!!Picture is designed by author Kazuya Minekura!!


  Item Info OVA Saiyuki RELOAD-burial- special price DVD box Date: start selling from 2012/10/24 (Wed) Pr […]

Coming soon!! “Hayate no Gotoku”`s broadcasting schedule got cleared!


  This anime was adopted from manga “Hayate no Gotoku” which is serialized in weekly Shounen Sunday by au […]

“Ebiten” the animation starts on 2012 October!


  Surely better watch the “Ebiten” on this fall. Popular comedy anime become short web version to full sc […]

The new TV anime “Chunibyou Demo Koiga Shitai!” shows up on 2012 October. Here`s some image!


Information Author: Torako Director: Tatsuya Ishihara Script writer: Jukki Hanada Character Design & Anima […]

Youthful love comedy story between the girl who can read person`s mind and boy who attract to her is coming up on TV!


  “Kotoura-San” which is serialized in comic distributing website “Manga Goccha” settle to become TV anim […]

Artist Iori Nomizu is going to hold her first solo live “Signalize”!


  2011, her debut song “Makasete Tonight” which was used in TV anime “Kore ha Zombie Desuka?” as opening […]

Anime singer HIMEKA`s first single “Where I belong” gonna release from October 24th (Wed). This is her first single that after she transferred.


  The ending song of “Audrey no Kami Apuri@Shinseiki-UP DATE” which is on aired by TV Tokyo from July. Sh […]

Here is Novenmber 17th (Sat), 18th (Sun), “Animate Girls Festival 2012”`s main visual.


  Main visual of “Animate Girls Festival 2012”` is appeals on public. Popular illustrator Yura worked on […]

The Kalafina interview reports arrive!! The “AnimagiC 2012” was held on July 27 through 29.


  From July27th through 29, biggest Japanese pop culture event “ AnimagiC 2012” was held at Bonn, Germany […]

Uhh-!! Nya-!! Indescribable phone application arrives!! The “Nyaruko Culculation” is now starts providing.


    Gamegate.inc starts providing a smart phone`s application called ““Nyaruko Culculation” at App s […]

Voice artists DVD project “Takara Sagashi” start! Haruka Tomatu works on voiceover! Ayana Taketatsu, Natui Takamori, Rina Hidaka, and Mikako Komatsu will join to this event too!!


  This DVD is treasure hunt like project that total 10 voice actresses separate into 5 pairs and each pai […]

Couple of CD albums are releasing from TV anime “Idol Master”!!


  From 2011 July through December, the Japanese anime “Idol Master” was on aired and now, total 5 new alb […]

Japanese Cartoon “Moyashimon” released the IPhone game application!!


  “Moyashimon Reterns” is currently broadcasted by TV Fuji “Noitamina”. This carton`s iphone application […]

NICONICO DOUGA opened new section called “Voice Artist Grand Prix Channel”


  On 2012 August 13th, NicoNico Douga start distributing an animation channel “Voice Artist Grand Prix Ca […]

Coming on up on 2012 October 31st Yui Kaori`s Dance Pop New Single CD “Waykk”.


Yui Kaori is the voice actress`s idol unit which teamed by Yui Ogura (CV Hanbei Takenaka at Oda Nobunano Yabou […]

This fall new animation “Tonari no Kaibutu-kun” start broad casting on October 1st ‘Mon” at 23:35 by TV Tokyo and etc.


“Tonari no Kaibutu-kun” is lady`s comic which is serialize in monthly comic magazine “Desert” and author is Ro […]

[StylipS] “Choose me♡darling” on sale from August 22nd


StylipS (Kaori Ishihara/ Arisa Noto/ Yui Ogura/ Maho Matunaga) is going to release third single CD “ Choose me […]

30th Anniversary Macross!! New series “Macross FB7” is coming up on screen at October 20th (Sat).


  Dimensional Collaboration of “Macross7” and “Macross F” Does Sheryl and Ranka Fire too!?   2012 is […]