Stubborn and determined, Rika pulls out all the stops to talk to Naoya. TV anime Girlfriend, Girlfriend episode 18 (Season 2, ep. 6) synopsis and scene previews released! The Blu-ray volume 2 Digipak illustration has also been revealed!

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Season 2 of the TV anime Girlfriend, Girlfriend began airing in October.
This time, the synopsis and scene previews for episode 18 (Season 2, ep. 6) have been released.


[Episode 18 (Season 2, ep. 6): “The Girlfriends’ Resignations”]
Night falls on the campsite. Exhausted after being set up by Rika, Naoya falls fast asleep in an outdoor chair. When he wakes up, however, he finds himself handcuffed, with Rika as his captor. Stubborn and determined, Rika is pulling out all the stops to talk to him. It turns out that Rika brought Naoya to this campsite so they could see the beautiful, starry sky together on her birthday.
Naoya continues to reject her advances, but she doesn’t give up. As a result, Naoya promises to accept her under certain conditions…

Scenario: Kazuhiko Inukai / Storyboard: Hitoyuki Matsui / Unit Director: Yoshito Hata
General Animation Directors: Masahiro Momo, Haruka Shigematsu, Kimiharu Asayama
Animation Directors: Kimu Dejon, Paku Mihyon

■Episode 18 Video Preview


[Blu-ray Series Volume 2 Digipak Illustration Released!]

The Digipak illustration for volume 2 of the Blu-ray of TV anime Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 has been released! This illustration was drawn specifically for this release by character designer Shōko Hagiwara!

<Blu-ray Volume 2>
Release Date: March 6, 2024 (Wed)
Price: 19,800 yen (tax included)
Product Number: HPXN-492
Episodes Included: 7 to 12

[First Edition Extras]
1. New Digipak drawn by character designer Shōko Hagiwara
2. Special Booklet including a new manga by Original Creator Hiroyuki
3. Special Clear Case
[Video Extras]
1. Audio Commentary
2. PV/Commercial Collection

*Please note that release dates and product specifications are subject to change.

Check out the official website for Blu-ray details!


[Anime Overview]
This neo-standard romantic comedy gets a second season!

TV anime Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2

After their trip to the hot spring, Naoya and the others decide that Saki and Nagisa will continue to have a shared relationship with Naoya on even footing with each other.
Milika joins the group and is the first to kiss Naoya, and Shino also joins, secretly in love with Naoya as well. All five of them go out together to enjoy their summer vacation, and the stage of love is set to feature a fireworks festival, camping, and then a trip to Okinawa… and Milika’s younger sister Risa also makes her debut.
Season 2 of this neo-standard love comedy begins, and the sparks of love are sure to fly as everyone dons their swimsuits, intent on making the most of their summer vacation!

●Broadcasting/Streaming Info
Broadcasting began on October 6, 2023 (Fri.) on MBS / TBS/ BS-TBS stations nationwide in the “Animeism” programming block!

MBS from October 6, every Friday from 26:23
TBS from October 6, every Friday from 26:23
BS-TBS from October 6, every Friday from 27:00
ABEMA Premium from October 6, every Friday from 26:23
ABEMA from October 6, every Friday from 26:53
AT-X from October 8, every Sunday from 22:30, etc.
d Anime Store from October 10, every Tuesday from 26:23
*Please note that the times and dates are subject to change without notice.

Original Creator: Hiroyuki (Kodansha “Weekly Shonen Magazine”)
Director: Takatoshi Suzuki
Series Composition: Keiichirō Ōchi
Scenario: Keiichirō Ōchi, Kazuhiko Inukai
Character Designer: Shōko Hagiwara
Background Art: Masakazu Miyake (Marvy Jack)
Color Design: Haruko Seto
Camera Director: Noriko Wada (Tplus)
Editor: Yumiko Nakaba
Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
Sound Production: HALF H・P STUDIO
Music: Kanade Sakuma, Tatsuhiko Saiki, Miki Sakurai, Junko Nakajima
Music Production: Nichion
Music Cooperation: Myrica Music
Opening Theme: Hikari Kodama “Dramatic ni Koi shitai”
Ending Theme: ClariS “Forira”
Animation Production: SynergySP

Naoya Mukai: Junya Enoki
Saki Saki: Ayane Sakura
Nagisa Minase: Azumi Waki
Rika Hoshizaki: Ayana Taketatsu
Shino Kiryu: Rie Takahashi
Risa Hoshizaki: Aoi Koga

●Anime Official Site
●Official X (Formerly Twitter)
●Anime Official TikTok


[Original Work Info]
All 16 volumes of the original manga series Girlfriend, Girlfriend are now available!
Author: Hiroyuki (Kodansha’s “Weekly Shonen Magazine”)
Original Work Official X (Formerly Twitter): @kanokano_kc

(C) Hiroyuki・Kodansha / Girlfriend, Girlfriend Production Committee 2023