Youthful love comedy story between the girl who can read person`s mind and boy who attract to her is coming up on TV!

By, 2012年8月29日


“Kotoura-San” which is serialized in comic distributing website “Manga Goccha” settle to become TV anime!


Animation Info

Title: Kotoura-San


Author: Enokidu (has serialization at Manga Goccha, Micro Magazine)

Main staff

Director: Masahiko Oota

Script writer: Ooshima Takashi

Character design and Animation director: Takaharu Okuma


Animation production: AIC Classic

TV animation official home page:


Original Comic Info

Kotoura-San is common girl but she has little secret that she can read person`s mind.

The boy name Manabe loves her. This is school fantasy 4 cell manga which contains laugh, moe, and relax story.

Author Enokidu is popular writer who has several serializations at Houbun-sha. Kotoura-San is his 4 cell manga which has fans in wide age.


Comic special website

Manga Goccha