Artist Iori Nomizu is going to hold her first solo live “Signalize”!

By, 2012年8月29日


2011, her debut song “Makasete Tonight” which was used in TV anime “Kore ha Zombie Desuka?” as opening song marked smash hit.

Later, she released her first album “Gekkou Kathan” and also showed up on popular live event “Animero Summer Live 2012”. These activation build up her career steadily and now she`s having a solo live.

Live Info

Iori Nomizu first solo live “Signalize”

Date: 2013 January 6th (Sun) at [Tokyo] Shinjuku FACE

Hour: Entrance opens at 16:30. Start at 17:30. End at 19:30. ( Is scheduled )

Now taking a pre reservation at official website till September 2nd 2012 (Sun) 18:00.


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