October 2022 new TV anime Love Flops key visual released! A web radio stream has also been announced!

By, 2022年10月2日

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The new and original TV anime Love Flops will begin airing in October 2022.
This time, in addition to the release of a key visual, a web radio stream has been announced.


【Key Visual Released】

TV anime Love Flops key visual released!
The 5 heroines Aoi Izumisawa, Amelia Irving, Ilya Ilyukhin, Bai Mongfa, and Karin Istel are depicted as though they were living together at the house of protagonist Asahi Kashiwagi.


【Radio Stream Information】

Via the internet radio station <Onsen>,
it has been decided that『「Love Flops」Radio Oideyo! Asahinchi』will be streamed!

The personalities featured will be Ryota Osaka (voice of Asahi Kashiwagi), Miku Ito (voice of Aoi Izumisawa) and Marika Kono (voice of Karin Istel), and the three of them will take turns, with two of them participating at a time.

Streaming will begin October 11 (Tues)!
Following this, the program will be streamed every other Tuesday.

Before the program airs, they are looking for emails!
Please send emails via the submission form on the program page below!!

【Program Page】

・Ryota Osaka (voice of Asahi Kashiwagi)
・Miku Ito (voice of Aoi Izumisawa)
・Marika Kono (voice of Karin Istel)

【Planned Stream Date】
Beginning October 11, 2022 (Tues) and streaming every other Tuesday


【Anime Overview】
New TV anime Love Flops

Asahi Kashiwagi is an ordinary high school boy, just like any other you’d probably see if you looked around anywhere in the city.
On his way to school one morning without any doubts about how typical the day would be, various misfortunes suddenly befall him.
Everything occurred in accordance with the strange fortune-telling he watched that morning when he happened to turn on the TV.

As he waded through all these troubles in the morning, he met five different girls in the worst possible circumstances.
Physically and mentally exhausted, he finally arrived at school. However, he found that the five girls were also now attending his school as either transfer students or new teachers.

Asahi did his best to hide his face, but of course there was no way that could work…
Yoshio Ijuin, proclaiming himself as Asahi’s best friend, asks Asahi about his relationship with the five girls.
As he spends more time with the five girls, they realize that everything was a misunderstanding, and slowly they begin to open up a little.

After class, when Asahi went to his shoe locker preparing to go home, he found a love letter.
An unknown sender said they would be waiting for him under the cherry tree behind the school building.
This also was in accordance with the fortune-telling from that morning. Asahi then made his way to the cherry tree to confirm everything.

Five winds of love blow through during the cherry blossom season, and the curtain rises on this faintly heartrending love story of youth.

■Broadcast/Distribution info
Original TV anime Love Flops broadcast/distribution info released!
AT-X, TOKYO MX, KBS Kyoto, Sun Television, BS11, Hikari TV, and ABEMA will begin airing and distribution from October 12 (Wed), and TV Aichi will begin airing on October 17th (Mon).

<Broadcast Info>
・AT-X from October 12, airing every Wednesday from 21:00~
(reruns: every Friday from 9:00~ /every Tuesday from 15:00~)
・TOKYO MX from October 12, airing every Wednesday from 25:05~
・TV Aichi from October 17, airing every Monday from 26:05~
・KBS Kyoto from October 12, airing every Wednesday from 25:05~
・Sun Television from October 12, airing every Wednesday from 25:05~
・BS11 from October 12, airing every Wednesday from 25:00~

<Distribution Info>
Hikari TV and ABEMA will feature simultaneous terrestrial broadcasting and the fastest delivery!

・Hikari TV from October 12, airing every Wednesday from 25:05~
・ABEMA from October 12, airing every Wednesday from 25:05~

Episodes will be distributed in order beginning October 19 (Wed) at 25:05 from the following sites:
【Unlimited Viewing Sites】
niconico d Anime Store GYAO! FOD Bandai Channel
Hulu TELASA J:COM On-Demand Mega Pack 
milplus Mihoudai Pack Prime Anime Houdai Amazon U-NEXT
【Pay-per-view Sites】
Rakuten TV DMM.com music.jp Video Market
Happy! Douga Crank-in! Video

Original Creator: Love Flops Project
Director: Nobuyoshi Nagayama
Assistant Director: Midori Yui, Fujiaki Asari
Series Composition・Scenario: Ryo Yasumoto
Character Designer・Chief Key Animation Supervisor: Kazuyuki Ueta
Color design: Sakie Suzuki
Art Design: Eiko Tsunadou
Art Director: Kusanagi
Camera Director: Kouji Hayashi
3D: Tarou Yamada(Cre-p)
Editor: Ayako Tan, Nami Niinuma
Sound Director: Hisayoshi Hirasawa
Sound Effects: Yasushi Inomata
Sound Production: Magic Capsule
Music: Kenichirou Suehiro
Animation Production: Passione
Production: Love Flops Production Committee

Asahi Kashiwagi: Ryota Osaka
Aoi Izumisawa: Miku Ito
Amelia Irving: Ayana Taketatsu
Ilya Ilyukhin: Rie Takahashi
Bai Mongfa: Hisako Kanemoto
Karin Istel: Marika Kono
Yoshio Ijuin: Jun Fukuyama
Loverin: Shiori Izawa

■Official Site https://loveflops.com/
■Official Twitter @loveflops_pr #LoveFlops

(c)Love Flops Project