A cyber-battle fantasy centered on the survival of mankind! Cyber Sentai Last Angels SP STAGE 3 2ND OPERATION” interview with Sumire Uesaka, voice of Jiggy

By, 2022年3月2日

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“Cyber Sentai Last Angels” is a large-scale mixed media project filled with brilliant voice talent. Following the 25th anniversary of the original Cyber Sentai Voogie’s Angel by Aoi Takeuchi, this is a reboot project with a completely new story and new characters set in the same world.

Coming after the release of “Cyber Sentai Last Angels SP STAGE 1 Angels of the Light” in March 2021 and “SP STAGE 2 Character Song Collection” released in April of the same year, the third CD will finally be released on March 2nd (Wed), 2022! Fighters known as the “Last Angels” (hereafter referred to as “Angels”) fight in a desperate battle that will determine the survival of mankind.

Additionally, Lav (voiced by Ayana Taketatsu) & Midi (voiced by Sakura Tange) perform a duet in the new ED theme “Invisible Link”, available via digital distribution starting February 16 (Wed). The two singing voices beautifully express the nature of their world in this story.
This time, we got a chance to talk to Sumire Uesaka, the voice of Jiggy.

―What were your first thoughts when you heard there would be a sequel?

Sumire Uesaka: In the previous part, Jiggy-chan was really developed and I was able to understand her well. She also had a character song that I got to perform, and I was happy to say “I can finally play Jiggy-chan again”.

―Please give us your thoughts post-recording.

Uesaka: It was unfortunate how we weren’t all able to meet up together because of current circumstances. But as I read the script I realized that the bonds between the members of the “Angels” had gotten a lot stronger.
There were a lot of shorter lines this time, but they’re still difficult to perform properly if you don’t understand the character so I’m glad I got to become familiar with her in the previous part.

―Could you please introduce your character to us again?

Uesaka: Jiggy-chan is a girl who has always been in battles. She is also an ambitious girl, volunteering to join the “Angels” and seeking to establish herself into a privileged position.
As the leader of the “Angels” she has a strong sense of responsibility, and one of her charms is that she’s able to think in a cool and collected manner.

―Are there any characters from this work that have caught your attention in particular?

Uesaka: Alice is a girl who is front-and-center with the “Angels”. If I say too much I’ll end up giving spoilers, but you could think of her as “actually a pretty good person, perhaps.”

―It sounds like there were a lot of battle scenes this time, but were you conscious of anything in particular when performing?

Uesaka: Team-play was strongly in focus, so I played her in such a way that the communication between the members of the “Angels” would be clear and understandable.

―Please tell us some specific parts to pay attention to when listening.

Uesaka: There are lots of scenes where you can really feel the bond between the “Angels”, such as with the passionate heart of Lav (played by Ayana Taketatsu) and the calm helping hand of Hotaru (played by Mizuki Hasegawa), among others. I hope you’ll all enjoy seeing their growth as a team little by little after the fights.

―In this story, humanity is brought under the threat of annihilation via the supermassive black hole bomb “Googolplex”. What would you do if we on Earth were in the same danger?

Uesaka: Some top-grade sushi and delicious sparkling wine… I think I’d like to enjoy the end of things with the best combination of food and drink. In that moment, I’d like to be rolling around on the carpet and playing with my cat. I think it would be painful to have another person next to you with a face gripped by fear, so I’d prefer to be with an animal that doesn’t know anything about what’s going on.

―Please give us a final message.

Uesaka: I was looking forward to the reboot of “Last Angels”. I would really appreciate it if everyone could support this series so that more sequels could be created in the future. Thank you very much!

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【Event Overview】
“『Cyber Sentai Last Angels SP STAGE 3 2ND OPERATION』 Release Commemorative Sofmap PassMarket CD Purchaser-only Streamed Talk Event”
Date and Time: March 13 (Sun) from 17:00~ (planned duration of about 1 hour)
Performers: Ayana Taketatsu・Sakura Tange
MC: Hisanori Yoshida
Assistant MC: Mizuki Hasegawa

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【Digital Distribution Overview】

“Cyber Sentai Last Angels” New ED Theme Song
“Invisible Link”
Song: Lav (cv. Ayana Taketatsu) & Midi the Girl (cv. Sakura Tange)
February 16 (Wed) 2022 Digital Single Release

“Cyber Sentai Last Angels SP STAGE 3 -2ND OPERATION-”
Scheduled for release on March 2, 2022 (Wed)

<Disc1: Voice drama CD>
Cyber Sentai Last Angels 2ND OPERATION

<Disc2: Single & Voice Actress Comment CD>
“Cyber Sentai Last Angels” New ED Theme Song
1. “Invisible Link”
Song: Lav (cv. Ayana Taketatsu) & Midi the Girl (cv. Sakura Tange)
2. Invisible Link (Instrumental)

<Voice actor comments>
3. Lav: Ayana Taketatsu
4. Jiggy: Sumire Uesaka
5. Grace: Kana Hanazawa
6. Nikki: Aya Uchida
7. Hotaru: Mizuki Hasegawa
8. Midi: Sakura Tange
9. Teddy: Yumi Touma
10. Meyer: Nobuyuki Hiyama
11. Alice & Oz: Mao Minamisawa & Haruka Sakurai

☆Purchase Bonuses☆
1. Sofmap Limited Purchase Bonus: Ticket for Online Stream Event Featuring Ayana Taketatsu and Sakura Tange
2. Retailer Limited Purchase Bonus: metal Badge (6 Types of SD characters randomly distributed)
※Target Retailers: Animate, Gamers, Toranoana, Amazon
Price: 1,980 yen (tax included)
Product Number: RKPS-1005~1006
Publisher: Sparkiss Records

【LA (Last Angels) Information】
Based on the original works created by Aoi Takeuchi “Cyber Sentai Voogie’s Angel” and “Fushigi Koubou Syndrome” and the character design done by the up-and-coming illustrator RAYVON.
The main cast includes Ayana Taketatsu, Sumire Uesaka, Kana Hanazawa, Aya Uchida, Mizuki Hasegawa, Sakura Tange. The cast for sub characters includes Yumi Touma and Nobuyuki Hiyama, among others. Various forms of content are currently being produced.

【Story and Highlights】
The year is 455 under the Neo-Gregorian calendar, and only two humans remain in the world.
The humans once held the reins as Earth’s master, before the Arishia aliens began to move into human society and eventually take it over.
Following a brutal 100-year battle, the two species decided to coexist and signed a nonaggression treaty. It was intended to prevent any foolish behavior that could destroy their own shared star…
However, another 150 years have now passed. Following the resurrection of the strategic system “Teddy the Boy”, known for its history in the previous war, mankind is once again on the brink of survival.
Teddy the Boy’s cyberattack on the Earth United Military’s military supercomputer “Byron” caused it to go on a rampage and deal incalculable damage to humanity, but the Cybernoid Project LA1 Team (Lav, Jiggy, Grace, Nikki, Hotaru, Midi) were successful in overcoming the threat through an intense battle. Once again, fleeting peace returned.
This sequel, with “Family” as its main theme, depicts the bonds between the Angels.
Lav approaches Midi to find out where her parents have gone. Nikki thinks about her younger brother in Aria, and Hotaru thinks of her father, the king of Aria. The complex feelings of Grace and Jiggy are also displayed, two members who don’t know their parents…
However, Teddy makes another appearance before humanity, and the countdown to the ultimate destruction of mankind by a supermassive black hole bomb begins. Lav and the others are forced to face off against a new enemy in the form of a humanoid and extremely powerful brother and sister, but there’s a secret to their past as well…
In an emotional and climactic battle, the story touches the hearts of listeners with the Angels’ teamwork and their unbreakable love for one another.

● Last Angels Official Site
● Last Angels Official Twitter

【Project Team】
Planning: Nichion
Momogre Company
Cosmic Ray
Release: Nichion
Production: Momogre Company
Cosmic Ray

(C) Aoi Takeuchi, Cosmic Ray, Momogre / Nichion

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