A highly popular manga becomes an anime! TV anime “Chiikawa” begins broadcasting on April 4, 2022 (Mon). Main cast and staff info has also been released!

By, 2022年2月4日

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It has been announced that the popular manga “Chiikawa” with more than 800,000 followers will be made into an anime and broadcast via “Mezamashi TV” on April 4, 2022 (Mon).
Also, the main cast and staff info has also been released, and “Chiikawa” will be played by Haruka Aoki, “Hachiware” will be played by Masato Tanaka, “Usagi” will be played by Ari Ozawa, and Shugo Tokumaru will be in charge of the music.
We’ll now introduce the comments received from each of the cast and staff members!


【Cast Comments】

■Haruka Aoki (Chiikawa)

Chiikawa is a soft character who is sometimes quick to cry, but she is also a very kind and cute character.
I think everyone will love Chiikawa, who takes care of her friends.
There is a lot of tasty food in the anime! I hope everyone pays attention to this too!

■Makoto Naka (Hachiware)

Hachiware is a bright, kind, and friendly character who is able to make friends with anybody right away.
I want everyone to look closely at all the small movements that can’t be seen in a manga, like the changes in Hachiware’s facial expressions and feelings, as well as the fun and friendship he has with Chiikawa and Usagi!

■Ari Ozawa (Usagi)

Usagi is a character that a lot of people love, so I’m doing my best in dubbing.
I hope you’ll be filled with joy and laughter when you see Usagi moving around!
Chiikawa-chan and the others are really cute in the anime as well, so please look forward to it!


【Staff Comments】

■Shugo Tokumaru (Music)

Chiikawa and the others showing up during my morning tea!?
I have no idea what they’re going to do, and I can’t wait to see what happens.
I hope you enjoy this show with this slightly odd music I’m putting together.


【Anime Overview】

【About Chiikawa】

Chiikawa is a popular manga posted on Twitter by illustrator Nagano.
Serialization began on Twitter in 2020, and the gap between the small, cute characters amidst a severe world situation has gained popularity from children all the way to adults, and the number of followers has now exceeded 800,000.
These are characters on the rise right now.

【Broadcast Info】

Broadcast daily in the Fuji TV series “Mezamashi TV” beginning April 4, 2022 (Mon).
※Please check the program’s official website for detailed info about Mezamashi TV.

Chiikawa: Haruka Aoki
Hachiware: Masato Tanaka
Usagi: Ari Ozawa

Series Director: Takenori Mihara
Music: Shugo Tokumaru

■Official Twitter https://twitter.com/anime_chiikawa

(c) Nagano / Chiikawa Production Committee