Hige Driver is finally enjoying his own show! “Hige Driver’s Higedo Radio!” interview

By, 2021年11月20日

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Hige Driver is a musician who has provided many songs for various anime and video games. The program “Hige Driver’s Higedo Radio!” is being broadcast via Nippon Cultural Broadcasting’s “Cho! A&G+” since July 2021! This time, we got a chance to talk to Hige Driver, the program’s star.

―Please tell us how you felt when you first found out about the program being planned.

Hige Driver:I’ve always liked the radio, and I’ve been listening since the time I was still living in my hometown (Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture). I liked the radio so much that I would try to also listen to the shows from the neighbouring prefecture of Fukuoka, and I really tried to make it happen by extending the antenna out as much as possible. (laughs)
The reason I got into music was also because of the radio, so once I found out that I’d be able to become a radio personality myself I was overjoyed.

―How was the name “Hige Driver’s Higedo Radio!” decided?

Hige Driver:Since part of my name includes the powerful word “Hige” I thought “I definitely want this to be part of the name!” Then, after simply combining my name with “radio” I didn’t feel like anything was off so I was like “Let’s just go with this!”

―Your first guest was the New Japan Pro-Wrestling wrestler known as SHO, right?

Hige Driver:He was probably the guest with the most muscle mass in the history of “Cho! A&G+”. (laughs)
Also, when VTuber Nene Momosuzu-san came on, she made her appearance through a monitor and the unusual circumstances of that situation was quite an experience to have.
Since I’m welcoming guests on the show every time and having fun getting to talk to everyone, I wonder if my talking skills are improving bit by bit…?

―Please also tell us about the program’s segments. “Pico Pico Tsukkomi” is a segment with stories that quickly hook the listeners in before they’ve realized it.

Hige Driver:The name is a reference to the “Pico Pico”-like sound, and I use a Pico Pico hammer to slam down stories with the listeners.

―In the “Please Don’t Be So Humble” segment, you’re sharing stories of embarrassing events and failures that the listeners have experienced…

Hige Driver:The other day I had Tetsuei Sumiya-san on as a guest, and I was really grateful for receiving so much material from him. I would like to keep building on this section in the future.

―Finally, are there any new things you’d like to try doing on the show in the future?

Hige Driver:I’d like to run a project related to my hometown of Ube City in Yamaguchi, so that I can return there one day as a hero. One day, I’d like to have Ayase from YOASOBI and also Hideaki Anno, the director of Evangelion, on as guests for a talk in the city, since we all share that same hometown. I don’t have a connection with them (laughs) but maybe they’ve heard about me from an article somewhere!
I’ll do my best to keep the show going for many years!

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