October 2021 new TV anime Taishou Otome Otogibanashi will begin airing on October 8 (Fri) after midnight at 25:53. The 3rd PV has also been released.

By, 2021年9月6日

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The original work of Taishou Otome Otogibanashi is a manga series written and illustrated by Sana Kirioka (published by Shueisha Jump Comics), and was serialized in Jump SQ. (Published by Shueisha) from August 2015 to October 2017, and its official spinoff Taishou Otome Otogibanashi –Enseika no Shokutaku– is currently being serialized in Shonen Jump +.

This time, the anime broadcast date has been announced, and the 3rd PV has been released.
Additionally, on September 19 (Sun) at Shinjuku Wald 9, there will be an advance screening of episodes 1 and 2.
After the screening, a talk event will be held by Yuusuke Kobayashi, who plays main character Tamahiko Shima, alongside Saya Aizawa, who plays the heroine Yuzuki Tachibana. Please look forward to it!


【Broadcast Information】
TV Tokyo Beginning October 8th (Friday) 25:53~
TV Osaka Beginning October 8th (Friday) 26:10~
BS11 Beginning October 9th (Saturday)  22:00~
AT-X  Beginning October 9th (Saturday)  21:00~
(Repeat broadcast weekly (Monday) 28: 30- / weekly (Saturday) 6: 00-)
* Please note that broadcast dates and times are subject to change for organizational reasons.


【PV Information】
In the 3rd PV, main character Tamahiko and heroine Yuzuki are shown to be thinking about one another, and the main characters Tamako Shima (CV: Yume Miyamoto), Ryou Atsumi (CV: Chika Anzai), Kotori Shiratori (Ayasa Itou) and Hikaru Shiratori (CV: Shunichi Toki) are also introduced. Finally, a photo of the six main cast members dressed in kimono has also been released.

In the PV, the OP theme by GARNiDELiA “Otome no Kokoroe” was revealed for the first time.
It is a song that softly sings about the feelings of a young woman who’s supposed to show the idealized feminine qualities of “Yamato Nadeshiko” of olden Japan.

【TV anime Taishou Otome Otogibanashi 3rd PV】 https://youtu.be/JheI0oWyETM


【Episodes 1 and 2 advance screening】
【Details Summary】
Date: September 19 (Sun) Start 11:30 (scheduled to finish at 12:45)
Content: Taishou Otome Otogibanashi episodes 1 and 2 Advance screening/cast talk
Site: Shinjuku Wald 9 (https://tjoy.jp/shinjuku_wald9)

Guests: Yuusuke Kobayashi (voice of Tamahiko Shima) and Saya Aizawa (voice of Yuzuki Tachibana)
※Please note that the guests may be changed without notice.

【Price/Seat Type】
All seats reserved for 2,500 yen (tax included)
※Please note that tickets are limited to two per customer

【Ticket sales】
E Plus pre-order (raffle)
Reception period: August 27 (Fri) at 12:00 until September 5 (Sun) at 23:59
Result announcement: September 10 (Friday) at 13:00
Payment method: Credit card payment
Number limit: 2 per customer
Reception URL: https://eplus.jp/taisho-otome/
※Please see the official site for all details and other information

【Anime Overview】
TV anime Taishou Otome Otogibanashi

【Plot Outline】
The Taisho Era…
Born in a wealthy family and accustomed to life without barriers in his way, Tamahiko Shima is one day involved in a terrible accident that causes him to lose his mother, the use of his right arm, and the expectations of his father.

After being disposed of by his family and cast away into the countryside under the pretext of healing his condition, he becomes a misanthropist who starts to hate everything in the world.

One day, a girl named Yuzuki comes to him.
She was a wife sent to him by his father to take care of him.

At first, Tamahiko finds Yuzuki to be irritating,
But gradually his heart begins to open to her smile and kindness…

Can they really be a real husband and wife?
This is the beginning of a Taisho era nostalgic love story!

【Broadcast Information】
TV Tokyo Beginning October 8th(Friday) 25:53~
TV Osaka Beginning October 8th(Friday) 26:10~
BS11 Beginning October 9th(Saturday)  22:00~
AT-X  Beginning October 9th(Saturday)  21:00~
(Repeat broadcast weekly (Monday) 28: 30- / weekly (Saturday) 6: 00-)
* Please note that broadcast dates and times are subject to change for organizational reasons.

Original Creator: Sana Kirioka Taishou Otome Otogibanashi (published by Shueisha Jump Comics)
Director: Jun Hatori
Series Composition / Screenplay: Hiroko Fukuda
Character Design: Mayumi Watanabe
Music: Yasuharu Takanashi (Team-MAX)
Art Director: Hiroki Matsumoto
Color design: Haruko Seto
Director of Photography: Hiroki Tsubouchi
Editing: Hideaki Murai
Sound Director: Fumiyuki Go
Sound Effects: Kaori Yamada
Sound Production: Bit Grooove Promotion
Music Production: Pony Canyon
Production: SynergySP

Opening theme song: “Otome no Kokoroe” by GARNiDELiA
Ending theme song: “Magokoro ni Kanade” by Shunichi Toki

Tamahiko Shima: Yuusuke Kobayashi
Yuzuki Tachibana: Saya Aizawa
Tamako Shima : Yume Miyamoto
Ryou Atsumi: Chika Anzai
Kotori Shiratori: Ayasa Itou
Hikaru Shiratori: Shunichi Toki

【Original Work Information】
・Original Taishou Otome Otogibanashi all 5 volumes now on sale
・Official spin-off Taishou Otome Otogibanashi –Enseika no Shokutaku–
Currently being serialized in Shonen Jump / First comic volume on sale Oct. 4 (Mon)
・Taishou Otome Otogibanashi –Kyounihomu Spring Summer Autumn Winter– on sale Oct. 4 (Mon)

【TV anime Taishou Otome Otogibanashi 1st PV】 https://youtu.be/Oe2xe7Teb-o

【TV anime Taishou Otome Otogibanashi 2nd PV】 https://youtu.be/xDP0PMtIOuk

■Official Site https://taisho-otome.com/
■Official Twitter @otome_otogi

(c) Sana Kirioka / Shueisha・Taishou Otome Otogibanashi Seisaku Iinkai