“Perform the anime’s entire story all in one shot on-stage!” Idolls! 2nd Live will have an online stage performance, and comments from the 4 members arrived.

By, 2021年7月8日

The original anime Idolls! which was broadcast from January to March 2021, will be having a special online performance Idolls! 2nd Online Live!! on Saturday, July 17th.
In 2nd Online Live !! not only will there be singing but also the four Idolls! will perform the entire story from the anime on the stage. Try to keep a close eye on the performance to the very end, and see whether the whole story can be performed fully and all in one shot. In addition, during well-known scenes, new effects unique to online performances will be added, such as mixing animated imagery with what’s happening on-stage.

Motion capture technology is used in the production of the main part of the animation, and the voice actresses themselves record the motion and voice for the performances simultaneously. This ultimately makes the animation realistic and natural and allows natural reactions to be utilized on the stage.

Additional tickets for 2nd Online Live!! started sales from noon Saturday, July 3rd, so please take this opportunity to watch the online performance of Idolls!

Furthermore, to commemorate the new event 2nd Online Live!!, an archive of the event Idolls! First Online Live!! which was held on April 24th (Sat) will be distributed for a limited time for a limited number of 100 people. The viewing period will be from Saturday, July 17th, 18:30 to Saturday, July 24th. Archive viewing tickets will be sold at the following URL:( https://thumva.com/events/d6mu7rOoEvJLO2c ). If you couldn’t catch it the first time, please take this opportunity to watch it.

【Ticket Overview】

◆ 2nd Online Live additional tickets
Viewing ticket 3,000 yen (excluding tax)
Schedule for delivery: July 17 (Sat) 17: 00~
Archive period: until July 24 (Sat) at 23:59
* Original gifting sales will also be held. Details will be announced at a later date.


◆ First Online Live Archive Viewing Ticket
Viewing Ticket 1,500 yen (excluding tax)
Delivery Schedule: July 17 (Sat) 18:30~
Archive Period: until July 24 (Sat) 23:59

【Comments from the Idolls!】

◆ Aina’s role Aina Rutou
In the 2nd live, we’ll be challenging a performance of the whole anime’s story!
The 4 of us have powered up even more since the 1st Live, so please look forward to the performance ♪

◆ Ami’s role Ami Mizuno
In the 2nd Live, we’ll see the other side of the idols again!?
I’m so glad to meet again with the other Idolls! I will do my best so that you’ll all have a great time!

◆ Shiori’s role Shiori Hanaoka
I’ll do my best while feeling gratitude toward everyone!
It’ll be awesome ♡ Please look forward to it!

◆ Ruka’s role Ruka Yashiro
Thank you, as always, to all the idol lovers who support Idolls!
2nd Online Live!! is coming soon!
Not only myself, but the other members and staff will all enthusiastically do our best and prepare so that all the fans can have a wonderful time!


【Idolls! Overview】

◆ Anime Distribution information
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* Please check each site for details on distribution

◆ Cast
Aina Aina Rutou
Ami Ami Mizuno
Shiori Shiori Hanaoka
Ruka Ruka Yashiro
Okimono Shinichirou Kamio

◆ Staff
Original Shin-Ei Animation
Director Shouta Nakano
Series Composition Takeshi Miyamoto
Original Character Design Keiji Watarai
3DCG Design Masashi Kubota
Production Shin-Ei Animation
Production Cooperation Ray
Casting 81 Produce
Music Producer Youhei Kisara
Music Production Stray Cats
Music Production Cooperation APDREAM, HANO
Dance Choreography Hisako Arakaki

Mezase! Hoi Hoi Hooru!
Idols struggle together to fill the vacant seats of a 100 person-capacity music venue in this laid-back and fun story!

◆ Opening theme song
Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement Kentaro Fujii (HANO)
Song Idolls! (Aina (CV: Aina Rutou), Ami (CV: Ami Mizuno),
Shiori (CV: Shiori Hanaoka), Ruka (CV: Ruka Yashiro))

◆ Ending theme song
Title “Yumemite samete mo” Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement Kentaro Fujii (HANO)
Song Idolls! (Aina (CV: Aina Rutou), Ami (CV: Ami Mizuno),
Shiori (CV: Shiori Hanaoka), Ruka (CV: Ruka Yashiro))

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