Asami Imai’s “Eien no Uta” will be available early on streaming services July 7th (Wed), a new song from her upcoming Fall 2021 album

By, 2021年7月6日

Asami Imai will release an original new album in early winter 2021. The songs on the album will be available on streaming services early, with one new song released a month for four months. The second song, “Eien no Uta”, will be made available on Wednesday, July 7th. A wonderful ballad that resonates with the heart, it is composed by Takashi Hamada with lyrics by Hanae.

[Digital Distribution Info]
“Eien no Uta”
Lyrics: Hanae, Composition and Arrangement: Takashi Hamada
Digital distribution begins Wednesday, July 7th.

Available Services: Apple Music, mora, Spotify, RecoChoku, etc.

[Asami Imai Profile]
As a voice actor, Asami Imai has played Kurisu Makise in the STEINS; GATE series, Chihaya Kisaragi in THE IDOLM@STER series, Vira Lillie in Granblue Fantasy, Michidia in Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari, Noire/Black Heart in Hyperdimension Neptunia, Akina in Pastel Memories, Ikaruga in Senran Kagura, Ayumi Shinozaki in the Corpse Party series, and as Ringo Ando in Puyo Puyo 7, Puyo Puyo!! Quest, and Puyo Puyo Tetris, among many other roles in various popular works.

Imai began her singing career activities in 2008. Affectionately known as “Mingosu” by her many fans, she performs live concerts all over Japan every year, and also held a tour through Asia in 2019. She has also appeared in various other stage events such as Animelo Summer Live.

In 2018, the ending theme “World-Line” of the TV anime Steins; Gate 0 was released, and in 2019, the opening theme “Believe in sky” of the TV anime Pastel Memories was released, both of which were performed by Imai. Then, in November 2019, the mini album Flow of time was released to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the start of her singing career, and in November 2020, her latest album Gene of the earth was released. To date, she has released 8 albums in total, including 21 singles, a mini album, a complete album and an acoustic album.

She also writes her own lyrics, and with her unique and long-lasting singing voice combined with a highly-immersed and powerfully emotional method of singing, one can’t help but be captivated by her voice.

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