May`n released her single CD for 2 consecutive months!!

By, 2012年9月24日

CD Information

Title: Aozora

Date: 2012 October 11 (Thu)


This is ending theme song of new animation “BTOOM” which start from 2012 October!

Surviving bomb battle in desert island・・It is harmful and painful but main characters need hope to face up and go forward. May`n choose ballad to describe this people`s though whom are survive in this world!! Also, this is first time ballad song of Akimitsu Honma × May`s.


Words by Anju Mana/ composed by Akimitsu Homma/ arrange by Taichi Nakamura

Ringtone: start distributing from October 4th

(C)Junya Inoue/Shinchousha・「BTOOOM!」Production Committee



Play Station@3/ Nintendo3DS “E.X Troopers” main theme song [Mr.Super Future Star] release at 2012 November 22.


This song was image as CAPCOM`s wonderful action game “E.X Troopers” `smain character Bren and this view of world.

[Mr.Super Future Star].

Words by Shouko Fujibayashi and Dai Satou/ composed by Takuya Watanabe/ arranged by Shougo Oonishi



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