On October 27th, full episodes (12 episodes) of “Jinrui ha Suitaishimashita” is coming to screen!!

By, 2012年9月24日

Special movie event which screens total 12 episode of “Jinruiha Suitaishimashita” is now on project!!  This event seems like opening ceremony of movie ”AURA~Last battle of Maryuin Kouga”.

This nonstop screening held at theatre Shinjuku on October 27th (Sat). Also they invite the special guests such as director, story constructor, audiographer to have a talk show.


Even information

Nonstop screening of TV animation “Jinruiha Suitaishimashita”

It shows special screen shot of ”AURA~Last battle of Maryuin Kouga” and having talk show by creating staff.

Date&Place: October 27 at Tokyo Theatre Shinjuku.

Open at 23:15 and start at 23:30 (ends up at 5:30 in morning)



Seiji Kishi: Director of “jinruiha Suitaishimashita” and “AURA”

Makoto Uezu: writer of “jinruiha Suitaishimashita” and “AURA”

Satoki Iida: audiographer of “jinruiha Suitaishimashita” and “AURA”



¥3000 start selling from October 13 at ticketpia


Anime “jinruiha Suitaishimashita” official site


Movie “AURA” official site


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