The Saiyuki RELOAD-burial-`s special DVD box`s illustration shows up!!Picture is designed by author Kazuya Minekura!!

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Item Info

OVA Saiyuki RELOAD-burial- special price DVD box

Date: start selling from 2012/10/24 (Wed)

Price: \9975(yen)

Include 3 DVD

Total record time: 149 minutes (story+interview)


Manufactured by Frontier Works

Distributed by Geneon Universal Entertainment


This OVA contains story of “Maisouhen” which is major episode in original comic.  Story is basically about first time contact between Sanzou, Goku, Hakkai, and Gojyou.

DVD box is settle to special price (cheap) due to 20 years anniversary of Minekura Kazuya`s debut and 10 years anniversary of Saiyuki Reload.



Full episode of OVA “Saiyuki RELOAD-burial-“`s and main cast`s interview video.

Episode1: Sanzou Houshi no Shou

<Extra Video>: Toshihiko Seki`s (Cast as Genjo Sanzou) interview.

Episode2: Son Goku no Shou

<Extra Video>: Souichirou Hoshi`s (cast as Son Goku) interview.

Episode3: Gojou & Hakkai no Shou

<Extra Video>: Hiroaki Hirata`s (cast as Sa Gojyou) and Akira Ishida`s (cast as Cho Hakkai) interview.


※This DVD record as same as SAIOVA-001~003 which was sold in past. Do not include the limited items which were attached at past one.


Main Staff

Director/ Kouichi Oohata  [known as (Bakuretu Tenshi) and (Hakaima Sadamitsu)]

Script/ Katsuyuki Sumisawa  [known as (Gensou Maden Saiyuki), (Naruto), and (Inuyasha)]

Character design/ YONZO

Main Cast

Genjyou Sanzou: Toshihiko Seki

Son Goku: Souichirou Hoshi

Sa Gojou: Hiroaki Hirata

Cho Hakkai: Akira Ishida


Official HP:

© Minekura Kazuya・Ichijinsha/ OVA Saiyuki RELOAD Production Committee 2007