Japanese Cartoon “Moyashimon” released the IPhone game application!!

By, 2012年8月20日


“Moyashimon Reterns” is currently broadcasted by TV Fuji “Noitamina”. This carton`s iphone application called “Kin wo Atumete Maire! Moyashimon! Yusha Oryzae no Bouken!” was released by KAYAC Inc.


Now you can find this app at app Store. Otherwise, KAYAC is operating a “koebu” which is biggest voice related community site in Japan and having a Moyashimon`s recording competition.

The story already passed half and DVD&Blu-Ray is planned to sale.


App information

iPhone app: “Kin wo Atumete Maire! Moyashimon! Yusha Oryzae no Bouken!”

Moyashimon`s famous character Orysae is settle as hero and it aimed to unit a bacterium nations. Leave the game few minute then other oryzai collect and bring the many kinds of bacterium.

Collect the Kamoshi point (experience point) to level up and gather the weapons to defeat the enemies. Complete the field guide of bacterium and stages.


Down Load

App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/kinwo-jimetemaire!moyashimon!!/id540992678?mt=8


Device: iPhone4, iPhone4s

OS: IOS(more than 5.0)

Price: free (※some contents require extra fee)


☆”Moyashinon Reterns” Kamose! Bacterium recording competition.

From 2012 July 26th ~2012 September 27th, total 8 times,  at “Koebu” (http://koebu.com).



Term: 2012 July 26th ~2012 September 27th

Apply: must be member of Koebu. Then access to url on above.

Results: show on Moyashimon`s official site.


BD and DVD information

Blu-ray and DVD “Moyashimon returns vol1” is start selling at September 5th.

First edition comes with such special items Orysae, Cerevisiae, and Tricoides eraser. Moreover, special case and booklet which were drawn by author Masayuki Ishikawa are included.

Moyashimon Reterns vol1

Release date: 2012/09/05 (Wed)

Episode 1: Moyashi domo Tatsu

Price and Product#

Blu-ray first special edition: \4200(yen)/ ANSX-6481

DVD first special edition: \3150(yen)/ ANSB-6481

Special items

Moyashimon Reterns original eraser: Orysae, Cerevisiae, and Tricoides are included in randam.

Special case which drawn by author.

Special book let


Special video

♦“The challenge project “Let`s eat fermentation foods” (casts: Daisuke Sakaguchi plays Sawaki Souemon Tadayasu and Noriaki Sugiyama plays Takuma Kawahama)

♦”Bacterium theatric Shocchuban 1~3”

♦”Moyashimon Reterns PV1&2”

♦Non credit OP/ED

♦Preview of next show (web version)


Moyashimon Reterns Official web site: http://kamosuzo2.tv

Moyashimon Reterns official twitter: @moyashimonR