Coming Soon!! Yumi Hara`s first single CD “HANABI”. Her music video was published and also having a twitter campaign now.

By, 2012年7月14日



The new single CD “HANABI” song by Yumi Hara feat Asami Imai is going to release at August 22nd 2012. Watch her MV and tweet it to twitter. 50 persons have chance to get postcard which with her autograph.

 [Details of Campaign]

Term: until August 22nd (Wed) 2012



2.Follow the account @div25pv

3.Input your opinions or impressions with hash tag [#HANABI_TC] and URL then tweet it.

Prize: The postcard which with her autograph. *50 persons only(chosen by lottery).

Announcement of winner: lottery winner will receive the direct mail from twitter account @div25pb.


[Information of CD]

Title: “HANABI” /Song by Yumi Hara feat. Asami Imai

Release date: 8/22/2012(Wed)

\1260(tax included), $16 (price will change at current currency rate.)


Sales agency: 5bp.

Selling agency: ANIPLEX


Track list (4 tracks will be include)


2.Sorano Kurenai

3.HANABI (off vocal)

4.Sorano Kurenai (off vocal)


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