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By, 2012年7月12日

Japanese diva appeared on L.A!! Minami Kuribayashi who is singer at Japan had live at L.A and she was very welcomed by fans. She sang the her song titled “signs-Satuki Hitoyo” which is ending song of Japanese animation called” Total Eclipse”

She was invited as a guest of huge animation event called “Anime Expo 2012 L.A”. In July, new animation program “Total Eclipse” start broad casting and she song the endings of that. So, as well as she promoted the animation and performed the song during the event. By the way, this animation`s back ground was in Alaska and also the main characters was settle as Japanese American. These facts were piece of reason that why she went to America.

Also, two other relaters were invited on this event. Author Kouki Masamune, and singer Ayami were these persons. Ayami is singer who songs “Apocalypse of Destiny” which was sang in the story. This was her first time live at overseas but audiences were welcomed and help her live show. After the show, visitors join the free advance screening at the big hall with them.

On the beginning of the event, author Kouki Yoshimune had speech about this animation. He explains a weapons that using in the story and he says “All of these military weapons were invent and manufacture by America. I’m really thanks to people who live in U.S because you are the people who save the earth. Thank you!!” After speech was over, thousands of audience’s voltage went up and start U.SA call while he left.

At the final stage, Minami Kuribayashi shows up again and sang the “signs-Satuki Hitoyo”. She commented that “Actually, still can’t realize that I had live in L.A. Moreover this was first time I sang the “signs-Satuki Hitoyo” at live. I mean that in oversea!! Thank you!!”

After the Anime Expo 2012 L.A was over, Minami Kuribayashi stayed in L.A to take a music promo. The location was near Los Angels. Wait for coming up guys!!

Single CD information

Tittle: “signs-Satuki Hitoyo”

Release date: August 22nd (Wed) 2012

*Total Eclipse version (Limited time only) (CD+DVD)

Product#: AVCD-49734/B  \1890(tax include)

About $24 (price will change by current currency rates)

Product#: AVCD-49736  \1260(tax included)

About $18 (price will change by current currency rates)

Program imformation

Start broadcasting on July 1st 2012 (Sun) at 1:35 in midnight. Broad casted by TV Tokyo

TV Tokyo: 7/1/2012 (Sun) at 1:35-2:05 in midnight. (Rebroadcast is scheduled on  7/5/2012 (Thur) 2:15 in midnight.

TV Osaka: 7/2/2012 (Mon) at 1:10-1:40 in midnight.

TV Setouchi: 7/6/2012 (Fri) 1:53-2:23 in midnight.

TVQ Kyushu: 7/2/2012 (Mon) 2:23-2:53 in midnight.

TV Aichi: 7/6/2012 (Fri) 2:30-3:00 in midnight.

TV Hokkaidou: 7/3/2012 (Tue) 2:30-3:00 in midnight.

AT-X: 7/5/2012 (Thur)  every Thursday at 11:00- and 23:00-. Every Monday at 17:00-and 29:00-

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Official Twitter: @TE_anime

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