Magi`s key visual

By, 2012年7月11日

New animation “Magi” which is scheduled on October 2012, shows first key visual “Aladdin”!!


First key visual appears on the weekly Shuonen Sunday which issue on June 27th (Wed).

The second and third key visuals would be show up on July 4th and 11th.

 Description of animation

New TV animation program “Magi” is scheduled at every Sunday noon from october 2012 by MES and TBS.


The boy “Aladdin” is trekking a continent to find secret treasure which is hide in mysterious labyrinth called “dungeon to rubi”
One day, he met Ali Baba and he decided to go together to complete the dungeon. During the journey, he slightly realized his destiny by having a lot of meeting and parting.


Product: A-1 Pictures

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Magi’s official twitters: @project_magi