After Seiyu Grandprix V

By, 2012年7月11日

“Who taught the Sapporo Ramen?” we interviewed to Sumire Uesaka after 4th “dubbing artist competition V”

“Dubbing artist competition V” is the monthly TV talk show and the main mc is Asami Shimoda. On each show, she invites and talks with special guests. The 4ht show’s guest was the Sumire Uesaka.

“Dubbing artist competition V” is the TV talk show which provides special information of animation, daubing artists and animation songs. It broadcasted by online live tv “nico nico nama housou” at once in month. The main MC of this show is Asami Shimoda who is professional voice actress in Japan.

 On May 14th, the 4th show was on aired and the visiter was Sumire Uesaka who acted animation character voice of “Sora Takanashi” known as Japanese animation “papano iu koto wo kikinasai.”

 During the program, they talk about Uesaka’s hobby which is Russia, military, and lolita fashion. They were first time met at this moment but during the talking, they seems like best friend.

 the chatting was not only about her hobbies. The climax of this discussion was argumentation of two different kind of snacks which called takenokono sato and kinokono yama.

 Lastly, Ms. Uesaka introduce herself. In this june, her article will serialize in a magazine which called “seiyu grand prix”.  Mr. Moscow who is the new chief editor of “seiyu grand prix” praised her article and says “it was really fun”

-Let me ask about your impression of this show

Shimoda Asami (next wrote as Shimoda): This was first time met with her.  I heard a lot of rumor about her and I was really nervous that I can enjoy the conversation with her. But now, seriously I would like to say “don’t worry” to my past. It was extremely fun!! we didn’t share same interests and topics, but we heated up the talking and was enjoyable.

 her carrier of voice actress is only a year, but she was relaxed and enjoyed during the show because she had many experiences of live show and that makes her with confidence. thus I could approached friendly to her and I could ask many things. I asked the things that we didn’t talk at previous meeting but she response and answer smoothly. Still i am exciting.

Sumire Uesaka(next wrote as Uesaka): I left her the whole processes of TV program but she did good job. While the show she asked me a many things but sometimes I answer really horrible. At that time she responses gently and I wanna say “thank you very much!!”

 Time spent really fast because was fun. Especially, having the argumentation of “Kinokono yama vs Takenokono sato” makes me satisfied.

Shimoda: We needed more time to talk. I didn’t expect that she have like this funny personalities. After the on aired, I’m begging to director every month that “invite her again because I wanna met her again please!”.

 -During the show, you guys talk about the fashion right. If you guys have a chance to coordinate each other, what kind of clothes you gonna choose and dress it.

 Uesaka: In the show, Ms.shimoda says that she used to wearing a gothic fashion   for two weeks. I wanted see that.

 Shimoda: It was really short term that I wear the gothic clothes. I think my fans don’t know that too.

 Uesaka: You have bright, clear eyes, so I think you will fit and looks great in black clothes.

Shimoda: I realized that Ms. Uesaka prefer to wear a cute clothes, so definitely her best fashion style is lolita and gothic. However, I want to see her that wearing a simple style like casual or boyish. For example, denim pants and shirt. I think that works!

 Uesaka: I don’t have any experience that wore the jeans.

Simoda: jeans will fit in any ages. In past, I didn’t try clothes like Sumipechan’s and that makes me regret.

 Uesaka: You can wear the lolita fashion any time you want. It’s not too late. The important thing is joying the wearing a lolita fashion. I think you will match with that clothes.

Shimoda: Is it too late right? Is it ok?(says to program crew) (laugh) Well…In the future,  I think we gonna work together again. I feel possibility of that day will come soon. So, I am expecting that coordinate each other clothes. I gonna owe the black and Sumipechan gonna owe the white.

 -Your article has serialize in our magazine and we thought that you wrote the topic only about Russia, but you wrote about china too. That makes us surprise.

Uesaka: Russia adjoins to many countries and has mixed with many different countries culture. Comparing the different culture from Russia side makes me interest and I could wrote two or three essays with that topic. I have long life, so i would like to research more about this.

-Ms. Shimoda.  After this, what kind of things do you  expect her to write an article.

Shimoda: I think Sumipe-chan has many drawer of idea.  If she open the drawer in normal pace, considerably, it will take a time.

 I would like her to open the drawer as fast as she can. I know that she’s gathering a new information enthusiastically, and also she has observing eye too. She’s better to keeping the drawer open and add the different information or  knowledge to it. Also, I would like to suggest her to have an own field and keep your antenna more widely to increase your speciality.

 There are only few person could talk deeply with me. She become  one of that person. Sumipe-chan’s current fans are happy to say “I know the girl who can talk deeper”. Amazingly, she have wide hobbies and I pray her to get succeed.

-In the show, you guys were practicing the Russian Trill with using the word “Sapporo Ramen”.  Who did you told like that practice?

Uesaka: From my senior of Russian drama club. I  belong to weird circle called Russian drama club. They used a word “Sapporo Ramen”. Especially,  using a letter “R” to practice the Russian pronunciation. Like”RRRRRRR”

 -Finally, please give some message to readers.

Shimoda: I realize that guests personalities will effect and change our live show’s mood. Today I spoke a lot than usual. Audiences like her too and says “want to watch more conversation between Sumipe and Asapon”

 I realized that I like hosting. Next time show will be different than before. might be fun.

 This program and magazine provides a lot information. If there a person who strongly likes a dubbing artist, don’t miss! must watch every month!!  Please come and see us. We have a confidence to satisfied you.

Uesaka: My article gonna serialize from June. The contents of my article is all about my interests and hobbies. When I show up to radio, I tried to speak  whatever I want, but after I review it, I feel terrible. (laughing)

 I feel happy when I found my fans even one or two at studio. Some times I speak deeply, but please don’t feel bad. Just hear it easily.  By the way, my next article’s title is “Lets make matryoshka doll”. It is about the process that how to make colorful matryoshka doll. Please wait and don’t escape!! (laugh)

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