A lot of info about the Idol Project STATION IDOL LATCH! has been released. The first talk event will be held on August 6 (Sat)!

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STATION IDOL LATCH! is a new original idol project in which station staff from all 30 stations on the JR Yamanote Line help liven up their respective areas by performing as idols after work, with all 30 members showcasing the unique characteristics of their stations.

The new program “STATION IDOL LATCH! Ekimae Square -radio & drama-” has begun airing via Nippon Cultural Broadcasting’s “PodcastQR” ( https://podcastqr.joqr.co.jp/ ), new songs from each unit have been released, and it was also announced via Shogakukan’s “Betsucomi” that the manga “STATION IDOL LATCH! ~Departing for the Future!~” will begin its second phase of serialization. Finally, in addition to the release of the new logo designs for each of the 12 units, it was simultaneously announced that a mingle event will be held where the members of each unit will finally mingle with members of the other units.

☆Unit names and logos have been finalized!

【Members】Yuta Taketsune, Rui Utsusemi, Miharu Suwa

【Unit Name】Aither
【Members】Rion Shouji, Yuki Shindou, Aohazuku Mikado

【Unit Name】NØ Crew
【Members】Ryou Tonari, Mario Takara

【Unit Name】eS
【Members】Shio Momose

【Unit Name】TeppareTai
【Members】Tetsumichi Udaka, Wataru Minato, Hayate Kita

【Unit Name】Magnificent
【Members】Hazime Ichijou, Yuri Takanashi

【Unit Name】tenet
【Members】Miyabi Fudo, Rei Soma

【Unit Name】Hanaemi
【Members】Izumi Orchid Aren, Satsuki Hanabusa, Daichi Takaiwa

【Unit Name】Che bello!
【Members】Tsumugi Aeba, Akira Godai, Toshisato Haburi, Shinichi Osaki

【Unit Name】3on☆star
【Members】Kousei Hachiya, Kyuto Takeshita, Aoi Momino

【Unit Name】Hitoiki
【Members】Rihito Kayama, Yusei Raiden

【Unit Name】a/maze
【Members】You Ameya, Yuta Negishi

☆Units goods now on sale!
Beginning June 28th (Tues) at 7:00pm, stickers featuring the logos from all 12 units are on sale via Artist Online Shop “A!SMART”!

Product Name: STATION IDOL LATCH! Random Unit Logo Sticker
Price: 500 yen each (tax included)

On sale beginning June 28 (Tues) at 7:00pm via Artist Online Shop “A!SMART”!

On sale at Stella Worth Ikebukuro beginning July 2 (Sat)!

【Event Overview】
The first talk event of STATION IDOL LATCH! will be held on August 6th (Sat) at harevutai in Ikebukuro, Tokyo! This will be the first mingle event where the 30 staff from all 30 Yamanote Line stations will get to know each other beyond the boundaries of their respective units. Alongside “official priority” tickets for in-person attendance, livestream tickets are also being sold!

【Performance Title】「STATION IDOL LATCH! ~LATCH! no WA!!~ vol.1」
【Daytime Performance】
JY05 Ueno/ You Ameya (CV: Jun Kasama)
JY11 Sugamo/ Daichi Takaiwa (CV: Yuki Inoue)
JY12 Otsuka/ Rui Utsusemi (CV: Tetsuei Sumiya)
JY14 Mejiro/ Rei Soma (CV: Masaki Ota)
JY20 Shibuya/ Kousei Hachiya (CV: Yuta Hayashi)

【Evening Performance】
JY05 Ueno/ You Ameya (CV: Jun Kasama)
JY08 Nishi-Nippori/ Miharu Suwa (CV: Masahiro Ito)
JY19 Harajuku/ Kyuto Takeshita (CV: Tomohiro Iwasaki)
JY22 Meguro/ Miyabi Fudo (CV: Hiromu Mineta)
JY30 Yurakucho/ Yuri Takanashi (CV: Gakuto Kajiwara)

【Date】August 6, 2022 (Sat) 1.  2:00PM Open / 2:30PM Start 2. 6:30PM Open / 7:00PM Start
【Tokyo】harevutai (Ikebukuro)
【Ticket Price】1&2 6,000 yen per ticket (tax included)
【General Ticket Sales】Beginning July 30 (Sat) at 12:00pm
【Performance Tickets Sales Page】https://w.pia.jp/t/latch-t/

【Livestream Ticket Price】1&2 4,000 yen per ticket (tax included)
【Livestream Ticket Dedicated Page】https://w.pia.jp/t/stationidollatch-vol1/
【Livestream Ticket Sales Period】From June 28 (Tues) at 7:00PM until August 13 (Sat) at 10:00 PM
※See the official site for details ( https://latch.jp/news/3801 )

【Distribution Overview】

Nippon Cultural Broadcasting’s “PodcastQR”  begins airing “STATION IDOL LATCH! Ekimae Square -radio & drama-”!
The new program “STATION IDOL LATCH! Ekimae Square -radio & drama-” was first aired on June 21st (Tues) via Nippon Cultural Broadcasting’s “PodcastQR” ( https://podcastqr.joqr.co.jp/ ). On June 28 (Tues), the second season of the voice drama featuring a new story was aired, and radio programs and voice dramas are planned to be broadcast every Tuesday in alternation at 7:00pm.

【Program Title】“STATION IDOL LATCH! Ekimae Square -radio & drama-”
【Distribution Day】Every Tuesday at 7:00PM (with occasional holidays)
【First Stream】June 21, 2022 (Tues) at 7:00PM
【Radio Program Personality】Hamamatsucho Station ・Wataru Minato (CV: Sho Karino)
【Distribution Site】https://podcastqr.joqr.co.jp/programs/latch
※The program is also planned to be distributed via Spotify, ApplePodcast, Amazon Music and Google Podcast

STATION IDOL LATCH! will continue on into its second season. Please be careful not to miss the train!

30 unique idols take the stage, each of them bearing the essence of their respective station’s area amongst the 23 wards of Tokyo and 30 stations on the Yamanote Line. Their story emphasizes idol activities that breathe life into the city, and woven into that is each member’s life as a station employee.
With voice dramas in focus, other projects involving music and live events are also being developed.

Each of the 30 stations on the Yamanote Line has unique members of staff working there.
With a good voice, good movement and a good smile… Once they leave through the ticket gate, they transform into shining idols!
Please don’t miss out on seeing the idol lives of these perfect station employees!

Work credit: (C) LATCH! Project/JRE
Original Work: RANGPONG・East Japan Marketing & Communications
Original Work Contact: AAO Project

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