Instead of a world within a game, it was a real world with no option to “log out” or “escape”… July 2022 new TV anime「Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo」episode 1 synopsis and scene previews released!

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This isekai harem fantasy written by Soganoshachi and manga by Issei Hyouju (Shonen Ace) receives a long-awaited anime adaptation!
The TV anime「Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo」will begin airing on July 6 (Wed) 2022.
This time, the synopsis and scene previews for episode 1 have been released.


Episode 1 “Meeting”
Michio Kaga opened the settings screen in a game on his computer, and before he knew it he plunged into the game’s world. “Equipment”, “Levels”, “Parameters” and “Settings”… Michio saves a village from bandits as one might in a typical early quest. However, instead of a world within a game, Michio found himself in a real world with no option to “log out” or “escape”…


【Broadcast/Streaming Info】
Broadcasting begins on July 6 (Wed) from AT-X and other stations.
Please look forward to it!

Broadcast Info
AT-X (Very Harem ver.) : From July 6, airing every Wednesday from 11:30pm~ (JST)
(reruns: every Friday from 11:30am~12:00pm, every Tuesday from 5:30pm~6:00pm)
TOKYO MX (TV Broadcast ver.) : airing every Wednesday from 1:35am~ beginning July 6
BS11 (TV Broadcast ver.) : airing every Saturday from 3:00am~ beginning July 9

Streaming Info
Scheduled to begin distribution from d Anime Store and other services!

<Broadcast Schedule>
【Terrestrial Broadcasting・Fastest Delivery】
d Anime Store (TV Broadcast ver.) : Beginning every Wednesday at 12:30am starting July 6, 2022
d Anime Store (Harem ver.) : Beginning every Tuesday at 12:30am starting July 12, 2022

【General Distribution】(TV Broadcast ver.)
Scheduled to begin sequential airing every Wednesday at 12:30am beginning July 13, 2022
Amazon Prime Video
J:COM On-Demand Mega Pack
Smart Pass Premium
Hikari TV
Bandai Channel
Milplus Mihoudai Pack Prime
Amazon Video
GYAO! Store
HAPPY! Douga
Rakuten TV
Crank In! Video
Video Market
Movie Full plus

※Broadcast Differences
(TV Broadcast ver.) …Video with restrictions on “visuals” and “dialogue”
(Harem ver.) … Video with some restrictions on “visuals” only
(Very Harem ver.) … Unedited video with no restrictions on “visuals” or “dialogue”


【Anime Overview】
New TV anime「Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo」


In this world, I’ll live with you.

One day Michio Kaga, who was feeling despair for this world, discovered a strange online game.
Written on the game was an invitation, suggesting that if one had a hard time living in this world then they should be reborn in another one. What waited for him after character creation was an actual alternate world separate from reality.
Now in an alternate game-like world filled with a rich variety of skills and jobs, magic and dungeons, Michio begins his adventure with the power to freely reset his status in life.

Original Creator: Soganoshachi (Hero Bunko / Published by Shufunotomo Infos)
Character Draft: Shikidouji / Issei Hyouju
Director: Naoyuki Tatsuwa
Assistant Director: Hironori Aoyagi
Series Composition: Kurasumi Sunayama
Character Designer: Makoto Uno
Editor: Ayako Tan
Color Design: Mimiko Iyo
Art Setting: Junko Nagasawa
Art Director: Junko Nagasawa
Camera Director: Yoshihiro Sekiya
Music: Tomoki Kikuya
Music Production: KADOKAWA
Sound Director: Teruaki Sugawara
Sound Effects: Yasushi Inomata
Sound Production: Cloud22
Opening Theme: Shiori Mikami “Oath”
Ending Theme: Taku Yashiro / Kenta Miyake “Shinshi no Torihiki 60-Man Naal”
Animation Production: Passione
Production: 「Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo」 Production Committee

Michio Kaga: Taku Yashiro
Roxanne: Shiori Mikami
Allan: Kenta Miyake

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New official information will be posted directly to the site at any time!
◆Official Site:
◆Official Twitter: @isekaiharem_ani #IsekaiMeikyuu

(c)2022 Soganoshachi / Shufunotomo Infos・ KADOKAWA /「Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo」Production Committee