Chateau spends the night with Ryang-ha in a guest cabin… TV anime LOVE of KILL episode 6 “DARK DREAM” synopsis and scene preview released. A special livestream will also be held!

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The popular manga “LOVE of KILL” (author: Fe) is a warped and suspenseful story interwoven with the lives of professional hitmen.
This series is being serialized in Monthly Comic Gene, has published up to 11 volumes to date and has exceeded 750,000 copies sold in total (as of December 2021, including electronic sales). Also, after the release of the drama CD, an anime adaptation began broadcasting on TV and has quickly garnered attention.

This time, the synopsis and scene preview of episode 6 “DARK DREAM”, first scheduled to air on February 16th, Wednesday, have been released!
Also, beginning at 7:00pm on Saturday, February 19th, it was announced that there would be a special livestream featuring Saori Onishi, Hiro Shimono, and Toshiki Masuda.


Chateau is in charge of guarding VIPs on a luxury liner. However, Ryang-ha suddenly appears in front of her and she is forced to make a response. His purpose in showing up remained a mystery, but in order for him to not get in the way of her work, she had him keep watch and it was ultimately decided that they would spend the night in the same guest cabin.


【Special Livestream】

In commemoration of the anime entering into its second half of the season, a special livestream for “Love of Kill” will be held!
In addition to the leading actress Saori Onishi and leading actor Hiro Shimono, Toshiki Masuda will also appear as a guest.
There are plenty of exciting things planned including a segment that looks back on the main story according to certain keywords and the inclusion of a popular variety segment familiar with this series! New information will also be announced…!
Please look forward to it!

【The main story enters into its second half! Still on time for “Love of Kill” Special Livestream】
Stream date: February 19, 2022 (Sat) at 7:00 pm JST
Performers: Saori Onishi, Hiro Shimono, Toshiki Masuda
Delivery URL:


【Special illustration of Ryang-ha released!】

Ryang-ha in fluffy PJ’s was released as an illustration!
One lucky person will win a B2-size poster for following and retweeting during an ongoing official Twitter campaign until February 17 (Thursday).
Please see the official Love of Kill Twitter for details!


【Anime Overview】

【Broadcasting/Streaming Info】
TV anime broadcasting begins Wednesday, January 12th, 2022
Advanced terrestrial broadcasting and fastest distribution of individual episodes via d Anime Store

<Broadcast information>
TOKYO MX From January 12th, every Wednesday from 24:00
Sun TV From January 13th, every Thursday from 24:00
KBS Kyoto From January 13th, every Thursday from 25:00
BS Nippon Television From January 12th, every Wednesday from 24:00
AT-X From January 13th, every Thursday from 22:30
(Repeat broadcast weekly (Monday) 10: 30- / weekly (Wednesday) 16: 30-)

<Streaming information>
d Anime Store From January 12th, every Wednesday from 23:30
Other sites will release episodes sequentially.
※Note that broadcasting dates and times are subject to change due to broadcasting circumstances.

Two hitmen face off against each other at a certain “workplace”.
A calm and cool bounty hunter named Chateau meets the mysterious and deadly Ryang-ha.

Chateau and Ryang-ha are supposed to be enemies… but somehow, Ryang-ha takes a liking to Chateau after their encounter and begins to follow her around.

She eventually relents and starts cooperating with Ryang-ha, but is then caught up in a conflict with an organization that’s targeting him. This conflict also bears a connection to Chateau’s past.
What does Ryang-ha have to gain in approaching Chateau? What is hidden in Chateau’s past?
This is a story of twisted suspense around two hitmen that couldn’t be a worse match.
A strange and fateful gear is about to turn.

Chateau Dankworth: Saori Onishi
Ryang-ha Song: Hiro Shimono
Euripedes Ritzland: Kenyu Horiuchi
Jim: Kohei Amasaki
Hou: Tomoaki Maeno
Jinon: Ayumu Murase
Nikka: Masakazu Morita
Mifa: Yoko Hikasa
Donny: Hochu Otsuka

Original: Fe(serialized in “Monthly Comic GENE/KADOKAWA)
Director: Hideaki Oba
Series Composition/Screenplay: Hisao Ayumu
Character Designer: Yoko Sato
Sub Character Designer: Toshimitsu Kobayashi
Chief Animation Director: Yoko Sato/Toshimitsu Kobayashi
Action Animation Director:Yasunori Saiki
3D Prop Design:Tomokazu Sugimura
Art Director:Masaki Mayuzumi
Color Coordination:Aiko Yamagami
Director of Photography:Akane Fushihara
Editing: Kashiko Kimura{
Sound Director: Hajime Takakuwa
Sound Effects: Toshiya Wada
Sound Production: Bit grooove promotion Inc.
Music: Kei Yoshikawa
Music Production: TOY’S FACTORY
Music Production in Cooperation with: Miracle Bus Corporation
Opening Theme: Toshiki Masuda “Midnight Dancer”
Ending Theme: Aika Kobayashi “Makoto Period”
Animation Production: Platinumvision
Production: Love of Kill Project

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(c)2022 Fe/KADOKAWA/LOVE of KILL Production Committee