Newly-released Yuru Camp△ “Nadeshiko Backpack season2ver.” is a faithful reproduction from the anime. The popular “Rin’s Side Bag ver.2” will also be again available for order

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Yuru Camp△ is a well-known work by Afro that depicts the day-to-day life of high school girls who like camping. AKROS Ltd., which designs, produces and sells fashion goods and various other items, has announced the sale of the new “Nadeshiko Backpack season2ver.”, which faithfully represents the backpack used by the character in the latest season of the popular series. In addition, “Rin’s Side Bag ver.2” is now going into reproduction and will be available once again! These items can actually be used camping or touring just as the characters would. In addition, the first season “Nadeshiko Backpack” is also currently on sale.

【Product Summary】
“Yuru Camp△ Nadeshiko Backpack season2ver.”
Release date: Late October 2021 (Reservations accepted)
Price: 7,700 yen (tax included)

★Product specifications
Product size: Approx. H39 x W27 x 14 cm, Shoulder belt 53-100 cm
Materials: Polyester (water-repellent finish), polyurethane, ​​plastic, etc.

The backpack from Yuru Camp△ season 2 that Nadeshiko loves so much has been faithfully reproduced.
It is constructed of lightweight polyester materials with a water-repellent finish, and is fully functional for practical use. It also comes with equipment and fittings that will allow the user to achieve the perfect heavily-loaded Nadeshiko look.

〇Not only has the look from the anime been faithfully reproduced, such as with the particularly long shoulder belts, the coloring, and the opening and closing part of the main compartment, but in line with the original specifications, by attaching the top two D-rings and the bottom belt, the characteristic Nadeshiko backpack has been fully accomplished.
〇The main body of the bag, a little slimmer and lighter than the season 1 version, is also convenient for more urban use, and its three characteristic box pockets are perfect for item storage.
〇The flap belt is easy to open and close with a mug hook, and the upper part of the main compartment is wide and is opened/closed with a drawcord, making it easy to put in and take out items.
〇The back and shoulder straps are made out of air mesh, which reduces stuffiness even during long-term use.
〇It can fit enough items for about one night of activities such as camping or touring, and it is large enough to carry a 15-inch PC. The inner pocket is an open-type, and is convenient for the storage and organization of smaller items. Items can be taken in and out directly using the zipper on the back.



《Differences compared to the 1st season model》
The popular 1st season version of the Nadeshiko backpack is made out of a thick cotton to support full-on outdoor use. The inside of the main compartment is equipped with a pocket for PCs and a pocket useful for storing smaller items. In addition, genuine leather is used for the flap belt and handle so that the more use it receives, the more character it acquires.
The 2nd season version bears a smaller design compared to the 1st, and is a size convenient for regular day-to-day use such as with commuting to work or school. Additionally, the materials of the main body have been changed to make the backpack lighter, and the back is made out of a mesh material.



“Yuru Camp△ Nadeshiko Backpack” (Season 1 design)”

Price: 15,180 yen (tax included)

★Product specifications
Size: Approx. H43 x W35 x D13.5 cm
Materials: 16 ounce cotton (water-repellent finish), polyester, genuine leather

A popular and faithful reproduction of the backpack used by Nadeshiko in the first season of the anime.
The thick cotton comprising the main body is water-repellent and is very well-suited to full-on outdoor use. In addition, genuine leather is used for the flap belt and handle, so the more you use it the more character it will have.
The inside of the backpack is also equipped with a cushioned core pocket for PCs as well as a large number of smaller pockets that are convenient for the storage of smaller items, making it practical for more urban use. The zipper on the back allows you to access the inside of the compartment directly, making it easy to put it and take out your items.



“Yuru Camp△ Rin’s Side Bag ver.2”
Release Date: Late September 2021 (Reservations accepted)
Price: 21,560 yen (tax included)

★Product specifications
Bag x 2, Shoulder belt x 2, Attachment x 1
Sizes: Bag: Approx. W36 x H27 x D13 cm Shoulder belt Approx. 72-130 cm
Materials: CORDURA® Polyester, polyester, nylon, synthetic leather, etc.

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【About the TV anime series Yuru Camp△】

Yuru Camp△ is a TV anime series based on a manga of the same name (created by Afro), which was serialized in Manga Time Kirara Forward published by Houbunsha and is currently being serialized in the manga app COMIC FUZ (Houbunsha). The camp is filled with “delicious food, beautiful scenery, wonderful locations, and a mix of the casual day-to-day with a pileup of the extraordinary”.
The first season of the TV anime began airing in January 2018, the short anime Heya Camp△ aired in January 2020, and Yuru Camp△ SEASON 2 began airing in January 2021. A new movie will be released in 2022.

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