Events based on solo titles from the popular Tales RPG series will be held in two editions of TALES OF READING LIVE -ONLINE- : Tales of Destiny Edition, Tales of Phantasia Edition to be held

By, 2021年7月25日

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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. has announced that they will be holding multiple online events based on solo titles from the Tales RPG series under the name TALES OF READING LIVE. The Tales of Destiny Edition will be held on September 19 2021 (Sun), and the Tales of Phantasia Edition will be held on December 11 2021 (Sat).

※Details on the Tales of Phantasia Edition event will be announced at a later date.

【Event Overview】
This event is based on solo titles of the popular Tales role-playing game series. Here, the story of the original game along with newly added scenarios will be performed in a live reading by the lovely voice actors, and the attendees can also enjoy a “talk corner” held by the performers and is a must-see event for fans of the series.

In addition, voice actor Ryohei Kimura will be appearing as a guide to help navigate the world of the series.
The Tales of Destiny Edition and Tales of Phantasia Edition will be held online this time, at the company’s online stage ASOBISTAGE.

For more information, please see the TALES OF READING LIVE-ONLINE- official website ( ) (※accessible via PC or smartphones; site language in Japanese).

【Performance Overview】

TALES OF READING LIVE-Online- Tales of Destiny Edition
Date and time: September 19, 2021 (Sun) from 19:00
※Please note that the scheduled time is subject to change without notice

Tomokazu Seki (role of Stan Aileron)
Yuka Komatsu (role of Rutee Kartret)
Hikaru Midorikawa (role of Lion Magnus)
Kikuko Inoue (role of Philia Philis)
Shou Hayami (role of Woodrow Kelvin)
Naoko Watanabe (role of Chelsea Tone)

Ryohei Kimura

※Performers’ names listed in no particular order.
※Please note that the performers are subject to change without notice.

【Ticket Price】
September 19, 2021 (Sun) Tales of Destiny Edition
・Regular viewing ticket: 3,500 yen (tax included) / 3,455 Banacoin
・Special ticket: 4,800 yen (tax included) / 4,364 Banacoin

※Archive viewing period: Until 23:59 on September 26, 2021 (Sun)
You can view the archive of the event with either a regular viewing ticket or a special ticket.
Please purchase your ticket by 11:59 on Sunday, September 26, 2021 to view the archive.

<What is a special ticket?>
In addition to viewing the main story, special videos will be prepared for special ticket holders to enjoy both before and after the event. For the video to be released before the event, there are lots of plans to include things such as talks between the cast members and for the cast to give an introduction of various famous scenes from the story that they select! In the video to be released after the event, special ticket holders will be able to enjoy additional extras such as the performers giving a post-performance commentary stream and an audio commentary looking back on the actual performance, so fans of this title won’t want to miss it!

【Video lineup】
Pre-performance distribution contents (planned)
①Cast dialogue
②Introduction of famous scenes selected by the cast

Post-performance distribution contents (planned)
① Post-recording reactions and comments stream
② Audio commentary from the performers looking back on the performance

【Ticket purchase page】
●September 19, 2021 (Sun) Tales of Destiny Edition

【Points of note】
※Viewing tickets will be sold from Asobi Store.
※Membership registration to the Asobi Store is required to purchase and watch videos.
※Customers who have purchased a viewing ticket can view the archive as many times as they wish during the archive period, in addition to the livestream on the day of the performance.
※Archive viewing is only available for the performances which correspond to the ticket purchased.
※Please note that refunds are not available.
※The best preparations for smooth streaming will be carried out, such as with the equipment and lines used, but due to the nature of streaming please note that there is a possibility of video distortion or unexpected pauses in the stream.
※Please note that if you begin watching in the middle of the livestream you will be watching from that point onward, and you cannot rewind during the livestream.
※Please read the viewing ticket purchase page carefully and agree to the Asobi Store membership terms of use/other precautions before ticket purchase.

◆Asobi Store Membership Terms of Service

※If many users are actively accessing the registration site it may be difficult to connect, but selection is not based on order, so please try again at any time before the end of the reception period.
※Customers are responsible for the connection/communication fee when registering. Please note that some mobile phones may not be able to complete the registration process.
※Please note that if you withdraw your Asobi Store membership after registering but before viewing, you will not be able to watch the performance or the pre/post-performance videos.

【General customer inquiries】
Inquiries regarding performance information such as event details can be made here:

■Tales of Destiny Edition (September) key visual release

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