The movie “Macross FB7 Ginga-ryu Damashi Orenoutawo Kike” `s theme song “Nyan Nyan Fire, Totsugeki Planet Explosion/ virgin story” start selling from October 24th (Wed)!!

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Macross FB7 Ginga-ryu Damashi Orenoutawo Kike is animation movie which start screening at October 20th. The CD recorded the two theme songs of this movie and start selling soon.

CD Info

Sheryl Norm starring May`n , Ranka Lee=Nakajima Ai, Fire Bomber/ Fire Bomber/ [Nyan Nyan Fire!~Totsugeki Planet Explosion] [Virgin Story]

Release date: October 24 (Wed)

Item#: VTCL-35141

Price: \1,155



(M1) Nyan Nyan Fire!~ Totsugeki Planet Explosion

Words: KINOJO・Yoshiyuki Furuya / Composed by Junichi Kawauchi・Hideki Sudou・Yoshiki Fukuyama/ Arrangement: CHOKKAKU/ song: Sheryl Norm starring May `n・Ranka Lee=Ai Nakajima・Fire Bomber

(M2) Virgin Story

Words: KINOJO / Compose and Arrangement: COZZi / Song by Fire Bomber

(M3) Nyan Nyan Fire!~Totsugeki Planet Explosion (instrumental)

(M4) Virgin Story (instrumental)

Virgin Story is now on PV @


Relative info


“Macross FB7 Ginga-ryu Damashi Orenoutawo Kike”

Coming on October 20 2012

This is collaboration between macros7 and macrossF which include new images too.



“Fire Bomber 2012”

Date & place:2012 November 23 at Tokyo Shibuya Koukaidou/ 2012 November 24 at Osaka Namba Hatch

Macros `s legend band Fire Bomber having live at Tokyo and Osaka. Watch out for Basara and Mylene!!


Blu-Ray Disc

Macross7 Blu-ray Box Complete FIRE

Box 1: 2012 October 26(Fri)

Box 2: 2012 December 21(Fri)

Price: \29,400 each


Macross series Official Site


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