“Call of Duty Black Ops2”דJormungand” Special collaboration project “JOINT OPERATION” starts!!

By, 2012年9月21日

In this fall, Most popular FPS (first person shooting) game “Call of Duty” `s new series ““Call of Duty Black Ops2” collaborate with cool battle animation “Jormungand”!!


Tokyo game show starts from this Thursday.

The “Call of Duty Black Ops2” was shown at SQUARE ENIX section. In information video, as well as the new project “JOINT OPERATION” `s video was announced.

According to this video, detail information of “JOINT OPERATION” is planned to announce in recent days, but they already show the picture which both main characters are switched.


Actually, like these visual collaboration between animation and game, it is really hard to bring up on public due to some rights things. But they did. That is enough reason to wait!


Website of “Call of Duty Black Ops2”דJormungand”



Game info

New line up of Call of Duty “Call of Duty Black Ops2” is coming on this winter!!


Subtitled version: Start selling from November 22nd (Tue)

Dubbed version: Planned in 2012.

PlayStation3/Xbox 360: ¥7980(tax include)

PC: Open price


First products include additional map “NUKETOWN”

Check the newest information about “Call of Duty Black Ops2” on NicoNico Nama Housou. It`s gonna aired at October 3rd (Wed)!!



“Call of Duty Black Ops2” official site


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Animation info

Jormungand second season start from October 9th (Tue)!!

Tittle is “Jormungand PERFECT ORDER”


TOKYO MX: October 9th (Tue) at 24:30 (not certain yet)

tvk: October 9th (Tue) at 25:30 (not certain yet)

TV Aichi: October 9th (Tue) at 25:35 (not certain yet)

KBS Kyoto: October 9th (Tue) at 25:00 (not certain yet)

Sun TV: October 9th (Tue) at 24:35 (not certain yet)

BS11: October 10th (Wed) at 24:00 (not certain yet)

AT-X: October 12th (Fri) at 23:30 (not certain yet)


※Rebroadcast; (Sun) 10:30/ (Tue) 29:30/ (Thur) 17:30

By Bandai Channel/ NicoNico Channel/ Rakuten Show Time/ Gyao

Programs might change the date and time.

Also, on October 2nd (Tue), Jormungand first season`s review is going to aired!

(BS11: October 3rd, AT-X: October 5th, KBS Kyoto: 25;35)


Jormungand PERFECT ORDER official site


(c)2012 Keitarou Takahashi・Shougakukan/Jormungand product committee