Fujimi Shobou`s 40 years anniversary anime “ Date Alive” now start informing!! It aired on 2013!

By, 2012年9月19日

The only way to stop girl who has power to destroy the world is ・・・

Take her out and make her lovey-dovey!?


Date Alive is Fujimi Fantasia`s new series of boy meets girl story. For celebration on 40 years anniversary, it will become TV animation at 2013.



Author: Kousi Tachibana

Illustrator: Tsunako

(serialize at Dragon Magazine: Fantazia Bunko-kan)


Director: Keitarou Motonaga

Visual Director: Hisashi Saitou

Story Editor: Hideki Shirane

Story Setting: Takaaki Suzuki

Character Design: Satoshi Ishino

Mechanic Design: Mika Akitaka

Director of Audiography: Yasunori Ebina

Music: Tuyoshi Sakabe

Music Production by Nippon Columbia

Opening song: sweet ARMS

Animation production by AIC PLUS+



Nobunaga Shimazaki: CV of Shidou Itsuka

Marina Inoue: CV of Toka Yatogami

Ayana Taketatsu: CV of Kotori Itsuka

Misuzu Togashi: CV of Origami Tobiichi

Iori Nomizu: CV of Yoshino

Asami Sanada: CV of Kurumi Tokisaki

Kaori Sadohara: CV of Mikie Okamine

Misato: CV of Mana Takamiya

Aya Endo: CV of Reine Murasame


April 10th, boy met girl who was rejected from world.

Spring break was over and this morning he was preparing for school.

Shidou Itsuka was awakened by his cute sister and he was wondering will begin daily as always.

Until he met girl who was called spirit.

The buildings are falling, and cities are perfectly destroyed. And lands disappeared with leaving a huge crater.

30 years ago, spirit suddenly appears and had destruction. As a result, world lost several hundred million of population.

And now, spirit appears again!!

Countermeasure A: Defeat the spirit by using arms.

Countermeasure B: make`em lovey-dovey.

Have a date with spirit and save the world!!



Character Info

Tooka Yatogami: The spirit who suddenly appeared in front of Shidou Itsuka.

Kotori Itsuka: Shidou`s sister who has innocent personality.

Origami Tobiichi: Shidou`s classmate and she is cool.

Yoshino: 2nd spirit. She is holding bunny puppet.

Kurumi Tokisaki: 3rd spirit. She is worst spirit ever.


Date Alive official site: http://date-a-live-anime.com/

(C)2013 Koushi Tachibana・Tsunako/Fujimishobou/「Date Alive」Product committee