Uhh-!! Nya-!! Indescribable phone application arrives!! The “Nyaruko Culculation” is now starts providing.

By, 2012年8月25日



Gamegate.inc starts providing a smart phone`s application called ““Nyaruko Culculation” at App store and Google Play.


The cute cartoon character “Nyaruko gonna read up the number which you input and has 4 kinds of variation (emotions) such as normal, shame, mean, anger.

The voice was directly recorded by Kana Asumi who is voice actress of Nyaruko. Also it`s free to down load!! ※some voices need additional fees.


3 persons have chance to get Kana Asumi`s autograph by lottery. If you have interest please take a look below.


Introduce the functions!☆


[ Culculation!!]

If you hit the number, Nyaruko will response! There are 4 voice options so please choose your favorite one!


<Voice Patern>

Regular mode: Nyaruko responses as usual. Shame mode: Nyaruko responses as shame

Mean mode: Nyaruko responses as mean. Anger mode: Nyaruko responses as mad.


If you purchased the additional voice, Nyaruko`s reacting variation will update too!

The back ground pics will change by your selection of voice.




You`ve chance to get famous Japanese voice actress`s autograph. Three persons will choose by lottery.





How to apply?

  1. please follow the @Gamegate_jp on twitter

Need to create an account to send a direct mail. If you didn`t follow, your request will be cancel.

  1. Please login to the twitter and tweet “I will apply to the campaing” with hash tag #nyaruko_dentaku.


Lottery winner will receive the direct mail from twitter account @Gamegate_jp.


Listing bellow will be invalid

Cannot send the direct mail.

Leave the form for 7 days after you receive the DM.

Input the wrong address.


Get Nyaruko Dentaku apps at app store or Google Play.

Available at such devices: iPhone3gs, iPhone4, iPhone4s, ipod touch, iPad iPad2, iPad3, Android

Required os: iOS4.0 or higher, Android OS2.1 or higher

©Aisora Manta/Softbank Creative/Meijyoushigatai Seisaku Iinkainoyounamono