NICONICO DOUGA opened new section called “Voice Artist Grand Prix Channel”

By, 2012年8月18日


On 2012 August 13th, NicoNico Douga start distributing an animation channel “Voice Artist Grand Prix Cannel”.


Use to like these original voice artist programs were only distributed by cell phone`s application but now, if you make an account of NicoNico Douga you can watch on PC.


Currently, they are planning and preparing a new event too!!

Have fun at watching on “Voice Artist Grand Prix Channel”.


Channel Information

Title: “Voice Artist Grand Prix Channel” (Seiyu Grand Prix Channel”


Service Fees: \500 (yen) per Month or \1575 (yen) per/90days

“Kaneda ToMoko ga Dekimashita~!” Update at Monday

“Shiraishi Ryouko to Kogechannel☆” Update at Tuesday

“Kanemoto Hisako no GuruGuru Saru○(loope)” Update at Wednesday

“Hirakawa Daisuke no Housou Jiko 3 Byoumae” Update at Friday

“Akesaka Satomi no Doubutsu Zukan” Update at day of 10th

“Shimoda Asami [Nama Gura Mou Icchou!!]” Update at day of 15th


“Voice Artist Grand Prix Channel”