30th Anniversary Macross!! New series “Macross FB7” is coming up on screen at October 20th (Sat).

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Dimensional Collaboration of “Macross7” and “Macross F”

Does Sheryl and Ranka Fire too!?


2012 is the memorial year of “Super Dimension Fortress Macross”.

Beginning of year, on January 8th, huge event “Happy Nyan Year Festival in Pacifico Yokohama” which corrected over 10,000 of people was held. April and May had also 30 years anniversary event which were called “MACROSS: THE DESIGN @ PARCO” and “Exhibition of Super Dimension Macross”. Huge amount of Macross fans went to these event and each events heated up by core macross freaks.


Macross selection TV program “Super Demension Macross Seminar” which is targeted a young people to inform the past Macross series is now on aired at TOKYO MX TV.


From August 10th, the exhibition of Macross original pictures is going to hold. Then another events such as, “Macross stamp rally in Tokyo dome city attraction” start at September 28th, “Macross Musiculter” is scheduled to start from October 3rd and so on are going to hold this year.

Most fans waiting for the new Macross “Macross FB7” and lately, had announced that movie are coming up on 2012 Octobor 20th (Sat).


That hot legendary songs are coming again. “Hey Earth and Universe! Listen up to my truth song!!”


Story Information

Miracle duet of Macross 7 and Macross F


AD 2059, 25th New Macross-class Colonial Fleet “Macross Frontier” was aiming toward livable place in universe, but en routed, citizens were involved battle against space creature “Vajra”.

Leader of S.M.S Skull Squadron Ozma Lee was fighting against Vajra at front line. One day he saw the mysterious space creature which was different to Vajra and it left some recording video of other Colonial Fleet.

Ozma, Ranka, and Sheryl checked the inside of memory then・・・


Author: Shoji Kawamori/ Studio Nue Director and Script: Amino Tetsuro: Sub Director/ Takao Abo/ Animation Director: Osamu Horiuchi/ Valkyrie Design: Shoji Kawamori


[Macross 7] Character Board: Haruhiko Mikimoto, Anmation Character: Ichirou Katsuraken, Character Design: Risa Ebata and Yuichi Takahashi, Art Director: Shunichirou Yoshihara, Color Coordinate: Kumiko Nakayama, cinematographer: Masaki Ueda, Edit: Takeshi Sadamatsu, Director of Audiography:  Masafumi Mima, Sound Production: Techno Sound, Music Production: Flying Dog/ Border Line

Special thanks: Macross7 product staff, macross7 production committee


Production/ Satellite Big West/ Macross FB7 production committee


Ozma Lee (Katuyuki Konishi), Bobby Margot (Kenta Miyake), Sheryl Norm (Aya Endo), Ranka Lee (Ai Nakajima), Luca Angelloni (Jun Fukuyama), Michel Blanc (Hiroshi Kamiya), Klan Klang (Megumi Toyoguchi), Canaria Berstein (Houko Kuwashima) and etc



Advance tickets are selling at certain theaters. $15(tax include) *price will change by current currency rate


[Amount is limited: ticket with items]

1st with crystal print: start selling from September 8th $22 *price will change by current currency rate

2nd with rubber strap (Rank ver.): start selling from September 22nd (Sat) $20 *price will change by current currency rate

3rd with rubber strap (Sheryl ver.); start selling from October 6th (Sat) $20 *price will change by current currency rate


Please visit official web site for additional information



[Macross7 project]

Macross7 gonna be Blue Ray (manufacture and distribute by Bandai Visual)

Macross7 Blu-ray Box Complete FIRE 1 $320 (*price will change by current currency rate) start selling from 2012 October 26th (Fri)


Macross7 Blu-ray Box Complete FIRE 2 $320 (*price will change by current currency rate) start selling from 2012 December 21st (Fri)


Macross7 FIRE BOMBER 2012 live

2012 November 23rd (Fri) at Tokyo Shibuya Koukaidou

2012 November 24th (Sat) at Oosaka Namba Hatch


Regular advanced ticket are start selling from September 1st (Sat) 10:00 at Lawson Tickets, Ticket Pia, e+, CN play Guide