“Bokuha Tomodachiga Sukunai” the second season is now in production!! We had report stage of “Bokuha Tomodachiga Sukunai”.at MF Bunko J`s 10th anniversary.

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“Bokuha Tomodachiga Sukunai” was on aired from October 2011 till December 2011 and this story comes from light novel. The special stage of “Bokuha Tomodachiga Sukunai” was held.

People who show up on the stage were Ryouhei Kimura (roll of Kodaka Hasegawa), Marina Inoue (roll of Sora Mikazuki), Kanae Itou (roll of Seina Kashiwazaki), Nozomi Yamamoto (roll of Yukimura Kusunoki), Misato Fukuen (roll of Rika Shikuma), Kana Hanazawa (roll of Kobato Hasegawa) and Yuka Iguchi (roll of Maria Takayama).



Sunrise suddenly announced that they decided to start making “Bokuha Tomodachiga Sukunai” the second season.

Iguchi says “Seems different school uniform than before”.

Fukuen says “I saw some person go through”.

Then we rechecked the video and we recognized 3 new characters show up.



Voice artists answered to such question. “What was your favorite scene at first season?”

Yamamoto answered “First appearance of Yukimura”.

Kimura answered “Episode in swimming pool that Kodaka did great job.”

Hanazawa answered “Scene which warm bath water turns in to cold water.”

At this moment, casts recieved order to think sub-title.

Kimura said “I think foolish one is ok. No matter”.(Laughing)

Finally, they leave it to person who is in higher position.


Then they introduced the new OVA [“Bokuha Tomodachiga Sukunai” add on disc] which scheduled to start selling from September 26.

Casts finished their dubbing and had comments.

Inoue says “It was really exciting. You can see many personalities of characters. Especially, I liked Maria`s part and it was fun. (Laughing)

Yamamoto says “I`m glad to meet every one again”.

Kimura says “I would like everyone to know that it was fun”.

Iguchi was suggested to wear swim suit which animation character Seina and Kobato wore in the story, but she refused and hand it to Hanazawa. By the way, these swim suit were sold at only this event.


Lastly, they gave messages to audience.

Iguchi: I`m happy that I worked dubbing again. Please take a look at promotional items too!!


Hanazawa: We are going to announce the information about this animation some day. Like when and where. Please wait us.


Fukuen: It became my good summer memories. I`ll do my best on acting Rica, so please watch us.


Yamamoto: I would like to reread the original script to improve my acting on Yukimura.


Itou: I`ll put my soul into Seina. Please watch us warmly.


Inoue: What I have seen the PV so far, new characters appear and we could show the improvement.


Kimura: Everyone could enjoy so please support us nicely.

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