Sword Art Online ep2 screen shots arrive!!

By, 2012年7月13日

Sword Art Online is ongoing! Don`t Miss!

Take a look! These are some shots of “Sword Art Online ep2”.


Anime Description

Title: Sword Art Online

Tokyo MX  On every Saturday at 24;00~

Tochigi TV  On every Saturday at 24;00~

Gunma TV  On every Saturday at 24;00~

TV Kanagawa  On every Saturday at 24;00~

TV Saitama  On every Saturday at 25;30~

TV Aichi  On every Saturday at 25;50~

Mainichi Housou  On every Saturday at 27;28~

Hokkaidou Housou  On every Saturday at 26;48~

RKB Mainichi Housou On every Saturday at 26;45~

Chiba TV  On every Sunday at 25;00~

BS11  On every Saturday at 24;00~


AT-X  On every Sunday at 23;30~

*Rebroadcasting on Saturday at 17:30~ and Sunday at 10:30~

Kids Station  From August 1st on every Wednesday at 24:00

*Rebroadcasting on Wednesday at 28:00~and Sunday at 24:00~


On line information

Bandai Channel: Update on every Monday at 12:00


NicoNico Douga: update on every Monday at 24:00


Play Station( r ) Store”Video Unlimited”

Up loading from 7/13/2012 (Fri)



In 2022, human developed the perfect virtual reality system eventually. The main character Kirito is one of ten thousand players of VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) Sword Art Online.

Huge number of player receives the some strange rule and notice from game developer when they logged in to the game.

Complete the game and that’s the only way you can log out.

If you game over at the game, means actual death in reality.

Kirito accept the rules and he start fighting toward complete the missions.


●Official URL: http://swordart-online.net


[Campaign Event]

New project “Sword Art Quest”

Accept the mission order and complete it at your daily life.

Steps to join

1・Fill out the registration at official site and hold your own avatar.

Just input your nickname and password.

2・Confirm your accepted quest.

Check the mission order at official site. Mission will release every day.

Example of mission: Watch the SOA commercial on TV.

3・During the mission, you have to find clear code (password).

For example, if you are watching commercial, code is hidden in screen. Remember that code and put in to the quest form.

4・If you complete the mission・・・

You will receive the clear point and use that to your avatar to increase the status. Also, you would get new weapon per mission. Someday, probably, have chance to use your avatar.


☆・[Setunano Doukutu #oo2] clear code: szuyc78wm8

Sword art online ep2 screen shots arrive!!